1,500 yen Healthy Lunch Buffet at 『 Shinjuku KAKUREBOU ONIWA(隠れ房 御庭)』

Shinjuku KAKUREBOU ONIWA DATE[Source: Hot Pepper]


Healthy Lunch Buffet at 『 Shinjuku KAKUREBO ONIWA』


Are you looking for place to eat lunch in Shinjuku?

Shinjuku KAKUREBO ONIWA 」has Japanese style lunch buffet style with only 1,500 yen per person!

Usually, if you want to eat a Japanese style buffet in Tokyo, it would cost much more.

Also, the location is just beside Shinjuku Station, and the restaurants is on 7th floor, so it’s view is actually quite good.



At lunch time buffet, you’ll see more than 40 types of various Japanese style food. You can enjoy seasonal foods, depends on which season you go.

Beside, when you come here at weekends, you can only enjoy your lunch buffet for 90 minutes, but if you come here on weekdays, you don’t have any limit time, so if it’s not too full, you can stay until whenever you want. There is no need to rush.


Dating Tips at 「KAKUREBOU ONIWA」

Shinjuku KAKUREBOU ONIWA Lunch Date food pic[Instagram: @tkbtk_life]


Only thing that you need to care about is how you place the foods on your plate.

I know some people wants to eat food without caring how they are presented on your plate.
But lets be patient and try to place the food as neat as possible like the picture above.


You know girls can actually image beyond from how you behave and how you act.

That would definitely determine your image.


You can also come here at dinner time, but it’s a bit expensive than lunch, so we would recommend you to come at lunch time rather than at dinner time.


Details of 「Shinjuku KAKUREBOU ONIWA」

Shinjuku KAKUREBOU ONIWA dating spot[Instagram: @s2.m.h.s2]


Opening Hours: 

weekdays 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Sat・Sun 11:30am ~ 3pm
Mon ~ Sat  5pm ~ 11:30pm (not buffet)
Sun  5pm ~ 11pm (not buffet)
Feb, Jun   4th Monday


Lunch Buffet 1,500yen (13USD)
Dinner (not buffet style) 6,000yen (54USD)

1min walk from Shinjuku Station