210m in the Sky. Dinner Date at Ikebukuro『Sunshine Cruise Cruise』

Sunshine cruise cruise tokyo dating Ikebukuro[Instagram: @mako_o_oo]

Great Night View from 210m in the Sky. Dinner Date at Ikebukuro『Sunshine Cruise Cruise』


Ikebukuro is known as one of the most famous city in Tokyo, and huge shopping center「Sunshine City」is becoming the landmark in Ikebukuro.

It is comprised by 4 huge buildings like below.

Ikebukuro Sunshine city tokyo dating cruise[Source: Sunshine city offical]


In this article, we will introduce a restaurant called 「Sunshine Cruise Cruise」, which is located in 58th floor of the tallest one Sunshine 60 Building.

As you can see in the picture, there are tons of shops to go around before or after having a date in here.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro 「Sunshine Cruise Cruise」

Anniversary course Ikebukuro Sunshine cruise[Source: Tabelog]

Anniversary course


We’ll say it in the first, this restaurant is not cheap, it’s kind of pricy. So we recommend to only come at special dating occasions like anniversary or first date.

「Anniversary Course Menu (11,880yen)」is one of the most recommended menu for anniversary. They have Premium Anniversary Course for 16,632yen, but we think the basic plan is more than enough.

Anniversary Course Menu

  • 6 dishes from appetizer to dessert
  • Including anniversary message cake
  • Wine bottle with photo to take back home (like pic above)


Sunset from Ikebukuro Sunshine Cruise cruise Tokyo Dating[Instagram: @____h.k__]

Sunset is super romantic


Remember this restaurant 「Sunshine Cruise Cruise」 is located in 58th floor, which is 210m high in the sky.

So when you come here at the time of “sunset”, you’ll see the best sunset view. The sunset view really depends on weather, temperature, seasons, so we cannot guarantee when you can actually see this view.

However, try to see the weather application you have in your phone, and try to go at the sunset time. If you are lucky, you can see super romantic sunset view.

Details of Ikebukuro 「Sunshine Cruise Cruise」

Ikebukuro Sunshine Cruise Cruise inside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
11:30am ~ 3pm
5pm ~ 11pm
11am ~ 3pm
5pm ~ 11pm
11am ~ 3pm
5pm ~ 10pm


Lunch Buffet 3,000yen (26USD)
Dinner 8,000yen (72USD)




8min from Ikebukuro Station
3mn walk from Higashi Ikebukuro Station

Google Map

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