26 Types of Gyoza ?? Casual Date at Shinjuku『 Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 』

Shinjuku Dining Lee 26 types Dumplings[Instagram: @t.sena16]

26 Types of Chinese Damplings (Gyoza) ?? Casual Date at「 Gyoza Senka Dining Lee (餃子専科)」

Have you ever tried 26 types of Gyoza (Chinese dumplings)??

Gyoza is one of the most popular food in Japan. It’s originally from China as known as Chinese dumplings, but we, Japanese has developed in our own way.

At 「Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 」in Shinjuku, you have 26 different kind of Gyoza, which will definitely satisfy your appetite.

It’s not so classy, but you can feel the old traditional Japanese atmosphere.

So, how about a casual date at Shinjuku「 Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 」??


Casual Dating Tips at Shinjuku「 Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 」

Gyoza 26 Types Shinjuku casual date Dining Lee[Source: Hot Pepper]

26 types of Gyoza?? How is it possible??

If you look all around Japan, or even the world, you might not find the store where you can eat 26 types of Gyoza. But in here at 「 Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 」, they have managed to make it.

So here are the 26 flavors, it’s a long list ↓

  1. Usual Gyoza (普通の餃子 futsu-no-Gyoza)
  2. Garlic Gyoza (にんにく餃子  Nin-Niku-Gyoza)
  3. Tomato Gyoza (トマト餃子 To-ma-to Gyoza)
  4. Chinese chives Gyoza (にら餃子  Nira Gyoza)
  5. Perilla Gyoza (しそ餃子 Shiso Gyoza)
  6. Asparagus Gyoza (アスパラ餃子 Asupara Gyoza)
  7. Potato Gyoza (ポテト餃子 Potato Gyoza)
  8. Shiitake Mushroom Gyoza (しいたけ餃子  Shi-take Gyoza)
  9. Kimchee Gyoza (キムチ餃子 Kimchee Gyoza)
  10. Bacon Gyoza (ベーコン餃子 Bacon Gyoza)
  11. Shrimp Gyoza (えび餃子  Ebi Gyoza)
  12. Tuna Gyoza (ツナ餃子 Tuna Gyoza)
  13. Sardine Gyoza (いわし餃子 Iwashi Gyoza)
  14. Perilla Sardine Gyoza (しそいわし餃子 Shiso Iwashi Gyoza)
  15. Cheese Gyoza (チーズ餃子 Cheese Gyoza)
  16. Cheese Tomato Gyoza (チーズトマト餃子 Cheese Tomato Gyoza)
  17. Mochi rice cake Gyoza (もち餃子 Mochi Gyoza)
  18. Mochi rice cake cheese Gyoza (もちチーズ餃子 Mochi Cheese Gyoza)
  19. Mochi Kimchee Gyoza (もちキムチ餃子 Mochi Kimchee Gyoza)
  20. Potato Mayonaise Gyoza (ポテトマヨ餃子 Potato Mayo Gyoza)
  21. Corn Mayonaise Gyoza (コーンマヨ餃子 Corn Mayo Gyoza)
  22. Shrimp Mayonaise Gyoza (エビマヨ餃子 Ebi Mayo Gyoza)
  23. Tuna Mayonaise Gyoza (ツナマヨ餃子 Tuna Mayo Gyoza)
  24. Red Bean Mochi Gyoza (あんこもち餃子  Anko-Mochi Gyoza)【Dessert Gyoza】
  25. Apple Gyoza (りんご餃子 Rin-go Gyoza)【Dessert Gyoza】
  26. Chocolate Banana Gyoza (チョコバナナ餃子 Choco-Banana Gyoza) 【Dessert Gyoza】

Each of those Gyoza costs 300yen per 3 Gyoza.

HOWEVER, you have a great menu called 「Kose-Iro-Iro Gyoza(個性いろいろ餃子)1,000yen」.
If you order this menu, you have 10 Gyozas and can chose 5 flavors out of 26 flavors.
So, Total 10 pieces, and 2 pieces each from 5 flavors.

GYOZA Shinjuku date casual Dining Lee[Source: Tabelog]

Because you have 2 pieces per flavor, you can actually share with your girl.

All the flavors are good, but 『Perilla Sardine Gyoza (しそいわし餃子 Shiso Iwashi Gyoza)』is our recommendation!

Once the plate came to your seat, the waiter rarely explains which one is which flavor, so you should remember the flavors that you have ordered.


Gyoza Senka Dining Lee Hotpot[Source: Hatena yamama48]

Not only Gyoza but Gyoza Hotpot

In here 「 Gyoza Hotpot (熱々餃子鍋 Atsu-Atsu Gyoza Nabe)1,200yen for 2 people 」is one of their popular menu as well.

It seems hot but it wasn’t that spicy, so you can share with your girl, and surprisingly sharing hotpot is kind of fun.

But be careful, hot pot is available for only dinner time. At lunch time you can enjoy lunch menus for 500yen.


Details of 「 Shinjuku Gyoza Senka Dining Lee 」

Gyoza Chinese Dumpling Senka Dining Lee outside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:
everyday lunch 12am ~ 3pm
everyday dinner 5pm ~ 11:30pm

Lunch 1,000yen
Dinner 3,000yen

3min walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit

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