4 Episodes that Men doesn’t understand Japanese Women’s Feelings

5 things that men doesn't understand Japanese women[Source: Pixabay]


Women’s feeling is one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. It actually exist, but impossible to grasp.

Especially, if you have a different culture, it become even harder to grasp the surface of it.

By introducing real episodes, this article will encourage you to grasp the surface of women’s feelings, but not the whole, because no one can fully understand it even from same gender.

「Come on! I’m trying to dress well!」

Tokyo Dating women make up compliment her[Source: Pixabay]


(27year-old, JPN woman)
(27year-old, JPN woman)
I ware my favorite shoes, with my new white dress.

I want to hear some compliments from my boy friend.

But when he brings me to cheap restaurant, where you can only find men inside, I just realize he doesn’t understand women’s feelings.

Just say “you look good today”, or “so cute”, that’s the only thing I want to hear.
Is he even caring about my outlook?


And the difficult part here, is that she doesn’t tell you about it at all. Especially, Japanese women are often considered as shy girls, so she just think inside her heart without expressing herself.

(25year-old, JPN woman)
(25year-old, JPN woman)
Girls wear make ups, carefully chose our clothes. We have a lot to prepare.

You know when you see a movie, every time, girls need to prepare beforehand. Well, if not, it’s not a date.

So don’t make me rush! I’m trying to be prettier.

You also want me to be prettier right? I’m trying my best!


Yes, so boys need to understand that girls are preparing so much before, from their hair, make up, clothes, shoes, bags, accessaries, fragrance, and much more.

You need to have a compliment.

We have indirect culture

acne women Tokyo Dating feeling[Source: Pixabay]


(27year-old,JPN woman)
(27year-old,JPN woman)
If I say to him “omg, I think, I became fatter!” or “Oh I got a pimple”, then don’t just agree.

Don’t just say, “Yeah, you are becoming fatter.”

I want to hear “Really, it’s not as bad as you think.” or “It’s okay, you are always cute.”

I never forget that once he said “Oh you are becoming old.”


But that’s too unreasonable. Yes, but if you love your girl so much, and if you think that your girl is the most beautiful woman in the world, you’ll be okay.

As long as you treat your girl as a princess, it’ll be okay.

Come on, every girls wants to be a princess.

If you can’t apologize, don’t even try to fight

Girl angry tokyo dating princess treat[Source: Pixabay]


26year-old, JPN man
26year-old, JPN man
I had a fight with my girl friend before.

It’s completely because of her, she has 100% responsibility for this fight.

I’ve thought about it again and again, but I have no responsibilities for this.

But she never apologize to me. Isn’t it strange?


Yes, it happens quite a lot.

However, you have to just compromise and has to apologize first.
I know it’s sounds crazy, but just pretend that you are more mature, and apologizing first might be necessary.

But be careful, if you just apologize by words without any feelings inside, she will certainly detect you that you are just pretending to apologize.

She might already know that she was wrong, and it was her fault, but it doesn’t matter who was responsible for it, the important thing here is to fix the relationship.

It happens a lot when we are in the period.

Sometimes what you need is a sympathy not an opinion

Tokyo Dating I agree women's feelings[Source: Pixabay]


24year-old, JPN man
24year-old, JPN man

Once my girl friend was talking about her boss.

She just didn’t like her boss, so she was kind of criticizing about him. She didn’t like everything he does.

But some part I understand his feeling, and I thought she had some responsibilities, so I said “You might have some problem too, you should have done it better.”

Then suddenly she stopped talking and she didn’t even talked to me for 2 days.

Sometimes what women needs is not an objective opinion but sympathy.

If she’s just grumbling to you about her work, friends, some other things that aren’t related to you, then what you need is a positive response like “True”, “What an awful person”, “Oh really”, instead of some serious response.


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