49F Night View Prime Date at Shinjuku 『M PRIME』

PRIME M Shinjuku Dating Dinner[Source: M PRIME]

49F Night View Prime Date at Shinjuku 「M PRIME」

Have you ever thought about having a date at 49th floor with some wine, great view in front of you, and sweet girl beside you?

Don’t you think it’s so romantic?

Here at Shinjuku 「M PRIME」, you can actually realize that situation, in relatively lower price.

And also, anniversary plans are available, so in special occasion use is also recommended !


Dating Tips at Shinjuku「M PRIME」

couple seat PRIME M shinjuku date[Source: PRIME M]

Couple seat everywhere

This restaurant is specialized for couple use, so there are a lot of couple seats.

Those seats are separated from the other seats and surrounded by the wall of couch, so you don’t really have to care about other customers and can enjoy your meal at your own private space.

But because there are a lot of couch, there are 2 raws of couch in this restaurant. So, it’s better to take a reservation to book the couch in the first raw, in front of the windows. In that way you can enjoy the night view much more than the second raw seats.


Prime M anniversary at Shinjuku[Source: M PRIME]

Good anniversary plan

Anniversary plan is available at this restaurant 「M PRIME」.

You have various course menu that starts from 5,000yen ~ 12,000yen, and if you take the course more expensive than 6,000yen, you can change the dessert to anniversary cake.

In anniversary cake plate, you can choose some message to write like 「Happy Birthday」, or 「Will you marry me?」. And once you change to the anniversary cake, you’ll have free photo gift as you can see in the picture above.

Also, if you want a rose bouquet, they will arrange you to prepare one but you have to pay the full price of it.

But, make sure to take a reservation, if you are planning to celebrate an anniversary!


Details of Shinjuku 「M PRIME」

M PRIME Shinjuku dating dinner foods[Source: M PRIME]

Opening Hours:

5pm ~ 11:30pm


7,000yen (62USD)




5min from Shinjuku Station

Google Map

If you have some time after romantic dinner at Shinjuku 「M PRIME」, we recommend to have some walk at 「Shinjuku Chuo Park」

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