4K Projection Mapping on Ceiling, Dinner Date at『 and people Ginza 』

and people alcohols dating at ginza[Instagram: @mantis0223]

4K Projection Mapping on Ceiling, Romantic Dinner at『 and people Ginza 』

Looking for place to have a romantic dinner date at Ginza?

At 「 and people Ginza 」, you’ll find a beautiful projected starry sky up on the ceiling with full of lamps hanging down.

This restaurant’s Shibuya branch 「and people Jinnan」is known as 「 Rapunzel Cafe 」which is named after Disney’s movie “Tangled”. And, in here at 「and people Ginza」you’ll see some similar aspect as well.


Dating Tips at 「 and people Ginza 」

and people Ginza projection mapping[Instagram: @obhal0110]

Is projection mapping always there?

Well, there are 3 rooms available at 「and people Ginza」, which are

  • Grand room
  • Candle room
  • Star room.

And only Grand room and Star room has projection mapping at only dinner time (after 4pm)

Even though the candle room still has good atmosphere, you should take grand room or star room to see the projection mapping.


Ginza date at and people[Source: Tabelog]

Anniversary plan is recommended !

You can reserve anniversary plate “Candle Plate (1,080yen)” or “Decoration Plate (1,900yen)”as you can see in the picture below. Celebrating an anniversary under the romantic starry sky would definitely satisfy your girl.

But if you are celebrating you should reserve anniversary plate beforehand, because they only accept 3 customers’ anniversary per day.

TEL: 03-3573-8440

Or they have anniversary course menu, which is 5,000yen per person with 11 food menus and 2 hours free drink.

Even if you don’t take anniversary plate it’s better idea to take a reservation, because this place is so popular and almost always crowded.


Jinnan Candle plate Shibuya and people『Candle Plate 1,080yen』 [Source: and people Official Website]
Plate anniversary at Jinnan and people『Anniversary Plate 1,900yen』 [Source: and people Jinnan Official Website]


Details of Projection Mapping Cafe「 and people Ginza 」

and people Ginza Dinner Date[Instagram: @obhal0110]

Opening Hours:
weekdays  5:30pm ~ 2am
Sat  12am ~ 2am
Sun  12am ~ 11:30pm

TEL: 03-3573-8440

3min walk from Ginza Station
4min walk from Hibiya Station

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