7 Tips of「 How to do Goldfish Scooping 」

goldfish scooping festival date[Instagram: @ayachi0120]

Be ready for your summer date! 7 Tips of「 How to do Goldfish Scooping 」

Summer has full of interesting events like fireworks festival, going to the beach, eating ice creams, and summer festivals.

But there are a lot of things that are new to non-Japanese people, and difficult to enjoy. You know it’s always more enjoyable if you can do it better.

And, one the difficult things for beginners is “Goldfish Scooping“.

So in this article, we have summarized 7 tips of how to enhance your goldfish scooping skills, to make sure that you can actually enjoy goldfish scooping !


Goldfish scooping enhancing tips[Instagram: @ka_na_05]

“Poi” has up-side and down-side

“Poi” is the tool that you scoop the fish with. (Pic below)

Poi Horishouten Goldfish scooping[Source: Hori Shouten]

Those ones are called “Poi”, so this is the first thing that you have to remember to become “Goldfish Scooping Master”.

This “Poi” has upside and downside.

Upside → the side that paper is stuck to.
Downside → the side that has bare frame.

Even if you cannot define which side is which, you can just ask the owner, because many people ask as well.


Don’t hesitate to put your “Poi” into the water

POI goldfish scooping hesitation[Instagram: @ka_na_05]

Don’t hesitate to put your “POI” into the water. When some people does goldfish scooping first time, they are kind of afraid to put that into the water.

But if you hesitate and sink half of the “POI” into the water, and take it back, then the border between wet part and dry part would be damaged.   So, once you decide to sink it in, just sink it in all.


Wait till they come, don’t follow

Goldfish scooping not coming[Instagram: @mt0035]

During goldfish scooping, you have to be patient. Even if goldfishes doesn’t come to your place, you have to wait and stay calm.

If you move your POI inside the water, again and again, especially if you move it quickly, it’ll damage your POI. So, try not to move around but stay and wait till they come.


Sink your “Poi” diagonally into the water

goldfish scooping poi put into the water[Source:]

Something that you have to avoid, is to sink the POI horizontally or vertically to the water.

If you sink POI horizontally, they POI will be damaged by having pressure from the surface of water. Or if you sink it vertically, your POI would get full water flow directly, so it’s not a good idea neither.

So you have to sink your POI diagonally to the water just like the picture above.


Get the corner

goldfish comes to corner[Instagram: @mario_koume]

The corner of water tank is the place where goldfish gathers. So if no one is taking corner, you should take that place, or simply you can wait a bit till you can.


Don’t go deep, stay shallow

goldfish scooping view tips[Instagram: @1uy5a]

Don’t go too deep to scoop the goldfish! You know POI is super sensitive and if you repeat going deep, and then come back to shallow, your POI will be damaged.

So try not to keep your POI in deep place and target the goldfishes flowing near to the surface of water. In that way, you don’t have to go back and forth.


Get the smaller ones

goldfish scooping get the big fish?[Source: @2015naomi]

Yes, we all know that humans are greedy, and me and you are not the exceptions.

So when you do goldfish scooping, you might want to target the bigger ones. But that is a big no no! Those big goldfishes are the ones who have torn a lot of greedy people’s POIs. 

That’s why you should not be greedy and try to get smaller goldfishes. So, wait until you get enough goldfishes and only then we recommend to challenge those bigger bosses.



We hope you got some ideas of 「 How to do goldfish scooping 」!

You know even for us, scooping a goldfish is difficult, so if you cannot scoop even one, it’s completely fine, because if you look around you’ll definitely find some people who didn’t get any neither.

But we hope you’ll get at least some goldfishes by trying our tips of scooping goldfish.

Have fun !!


You can try goldfish scooping anytime at here below…

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