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Airplane? Restaurant? First Class Dining Date at Ikebukuro 『FIRST AIRLINES』

First Airline dinner at Ikebukuro[Instagram: @first_airlines]


In Tokyo, Ikebukuro, we have a airplane that makes you feel like you’ve been to somewhere far but actually not going anywhere.

It sounds strange but Ikebukuro「FIRST AIRLINES」is a restaurant designed like an airplane, specifically “first class airplane seats”.

You can feel like you are actually traveling by taking plane. Yes you are virtually taking off from Ikebukuro and landing to Ikebukuro.

They only accept reserved customers, so booking beforehand is necessary to enjoy virtual flight. (Book online ENG ver)

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro「FIRST AIRLINES」

first airlines Ikebukuro Tokyo class VR[Instagram: @first_airlines]

Have a virtual trip date by using VR head gear


It’s not just a airplane designed restaurant. After boarding has completed, you’ll go into the virtual world by using VR head gears.

By using cutting-edge technologies, you can actually feel like you are in other place. Also, restaurant changes the content regularly by containing seasonal things, so even if you come several times, you won’t be bored.

The staff in here is educated by first-class cabin attendants so, their services are real as well.


FIRST AIRLINES Tokyo Dating foods[Instagram: @first_airlines]

Foods from various countries

「FIRST AIRLINES」provides several food menu courses. You can either choose from 6 courses below.

  • French course menu
  • Italian course menu
  • Hawaiian course menu
  • New Yorker course menu
  • Finnish course menu
  • Time Traveler menu

The price will varies from 4,980 ~ 5,980yen, depends on which time you go, and menu also varies from which day you go. You can see the menu and price from official website booking page. (LINK)


Details of Ikebukuro 「FIRST AIRLINES」

FIRST AIRLINES Entree Ikebukuro Dating[Instagram: @first_airlines]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
5:30pm ~ 10pm
12:30am ~ 10pm

Book online (ENG)

Remember this place need to be booked
Online booking from official website


5min walk from Ikebukuro Station

Google Map

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