Alice in Wonderland Dining Date at Ikebukuro『Alice in Old Castle』

Alice in Old Castle Tokyo dating in wonderland[Source: Tabelog]

Alice in Wonderland Dining Date at Ikebukuro「Alice in Old Castle」


「Alice in Wonderland 」a famous book written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, has made into the movie by Disney at 1951, and also made into the live-action movie by famous American film writter Tim Burton.

Many people have inspired by this film and one restaurant in Tokyo「Alice in Old Castle」was not the exception.

It has special interiors, foods, staffs, all inspired by Alice in Wonderland and this restaurant is loved by a lot of Disney lovers.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro 「Alice in Old Castle」

Alice in wonderland Ikebukuro anniversary plate[Instagram: @amilky__22]

Cute anniversary plate


When you are trying to come at your anniversary, then anniversary plate at 「Alice in Old Castle」would definitely make your partner praised.

When you celebrate your partner’s anniversary, it’s important to have some surprise, and this would be suitable for that.

Make sure to take a reservation to be prepared beforehand..
TEL: 03-3985-2193


alice in wonderland tokyo ikebukuro old castle[Source: Tabelog]

Take the couple seat


This store has 3 sections 「Big chandelier seat」「Mermaid Cave」「Magical mirror dress room」.

3 sections at Alice in Old Castle Ikebukuro[Source: Alice in Old Castle Official Website]


However, if you are coming with your partner, we suppose that 「Mermaid Cave」is the best choice to sit. Or there are few couple seats, so if it’s available, it’s also a good idea to take those seats.

Details of Tokyo, Ikebukuro「Alice in Old Castle」

Alice in Old Castle Tokyo Dating[Instagram: @owl551]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
5pm ~ 11:30pm
4pm ~ 11:30pm


3,500yen (32USD)




5min walk from Ikebukuro Station

Google Map

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