All-you-can-eat Churrasco Brazilian Barbecue Date at Ginza『Super Bacana』

Tokyo Ginza Dating brazillian barbecue Bacana[Source: Tabelog]


What exactly is Churrasco?

It’s a cuisine known as Brazilian Barbecue, originally from Latin American countries. You will find some chefs holding grilled meats stabbed by skewers, and they’ll come to your seat to scrap off the surface of meats.

「Ginza Super Bacana」is not the store where it offers bananas, but great quality of Brazilian Barbecue, Churrasco.


Tokyo Dating Tips at Ginza「Super Bacana」

churrasco machine tokyo dating spot GInza[Source: Tabelog]

It’s looks like kebab


Brazilian barbecue, churrasco is cooked by special machine like above. They grill it, and the scrap off, and then grill it again.

So it’s kind of like Kebab meat where you can find similar machine in those stores as well.

  • All-you-can-eat churrasco Lunch   3,000yen
  • All-you-can-eat churrasco Dinner   5,400yen

plus all-you-can-drink course 2,000yen ~


Natural fed beef at Ginza Brazilian churrasco[Source: Pixabay]

It uses meat of grass-fed-beef


Usually, when you eat beef, it’s domesticated at some kind of a cow-house. They are leashed inside eating artificial or fatty food, so that they become fatter which makes more fat and volume.

However, at Ginza 「Super Bacana」, they are using grass-fed-beef meat, which literally means cows only eat grass. That makes the meat healthier and harmless, even works as anti-aging or diet.


drinks at super bacana churrasco dating[Source: Tabelog]

Special Latin American drinks


If you choose the soft drink menu, you can enjoy international drinks such as mate tea, or guarana.

The most popular drink menu is 「Caipile cocktails 1,100yen ~ 」which has fruity ice bar inside the cocktail. It’s not only photogenic but also original and tasty.


Brazilian Churrasco Ginza 「Super Bacana」

Ginza churrasco super bacana inside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

11:30am ~ 3pm
5:30pm ~ 11pm
11:30am ~ 3:30pm
5:30pm ~ 11pm
11:30am ~ 3:30pm
5:30pm ~ 10pm


Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 6,000yen (54USD)




0min walk from Ginza 1-choume Station
5min walk from Ginza Station
5min walk from Yurakucho Station

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