Authentic Italian Pizza Dating at Shinjuku 『 PIZZERIA CAPOLI 』

Capoli shinjuku pizzaria italian date[Instagram: @m_gram1107]

Authentic Italian Pizza Dating at Shinjuku 『 PIZZERIA CAPOLI 』

Looking for a good pizza restaurant in Tokyo?

In Shinjuku, you’ll find one of the best Italian pizza restaurant called 「PIZZERIA CAPOLI」.

If you eat pizza in this place, you cannot go to other pizza shops. It’s that good.

The pizza oven in here is made by Stefano Ferrara, who are globally famous for making high-quality pizza ovens.

Also, this restaurant is approved by an association called “VERA PIZZA Napoletana” from Napoli, Italy. Only limited number of restaurants around the world are approved from this association.

So, if it’s approved, it means that they are making the authentic tasty Italian pizza.


Dating Tips at 「PIZZERIA  CAPOLI」

half half pizza pizzaria capoli[Instagram: @yuriko.121ex]

Take Half & Half Pizza !

At Shinjuku「PIZZARIA CAPOLI」, when you order pizza, you can actually ask for half & half. 

You can choose 2 types of pizza, in one pizza! How amazing is it?
If you and your girl order two pizza, and both made it half & half, you guys can enjoy 4 types of pizza in one date.

Also, even if you are not familiar with your girl, pizza is something that you guys can easily share without thinking much. For example, if you are eating soft served cream, it’s kind of difficult to share, because you actually lick it, but pizza you can just take by hands, so easy to share.


Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Date[Instagram: @ryokukasei]

Have some fun at Shinjuku

Because this restaurant is in the center of Shinjuku, after or before you guys having meal in here, only if you guys have time, it’s better to go around Shinjuku.

There are bunch of shops to look around. But, if you are new to Shinjuku, we recommend a variety store “Tokyu Hands“, which is just beside this pizza restaurant.

You can find almost anything, from strange stickers, pillows, kitchen tools, gardening things, and much more.

Shibuya LOFT Dating strange sticker[Instagram: @sanpig]

It helps you to understand more about your girl, like what she likes or what kind of hobbies she have.

『Tokyu Hands Shinjuku』 ↓
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Details of Shinjuku「PIZZERIA  CAPOLI」

PIZZARIA CAPOLI Shinjuku date[Instagram: @mirai_kodai]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
11:30am ~ 3pm (L.O. 2:30pm)
5pm ~ 11:30pm (L.O. 11pm)
11:30am ~ 4pm (L.O. 3:30pm)
4pm ~ 11:30pm (L.O. 11pm)
11:30am ~ 4pm (L.O. 3:30pm)
4pm ~ 10:30pm  (L.O. 10pm)


Lunch 1,500yen (13USD)
Dinner 3,000yen (26USD)




3min from Shinjuku Station

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