Back to Elementary School, Dinner Date at 『 Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi (6年4組) 』

Grade 6 Class 4 Shibuya[Instagram: @fuyuyu_hanada]


Going back to your Elementary School days at 「 Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi (6年4組) 」


Do you know there is a restaurant where it’s designed just like Japanese typical elementary school??

Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi 」literally means 4th class of 6th grade(12 year-old grade), so you can enjoy Japanese elementary school’s atmosphere.

When you enter this restaurant, you’ll be welcomed by a staff who pretend to be a teacher, so once you step into this place you are no longer a customer but 12 years old student.


Dating Tips at 「 Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi 」

Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi Dinner Date[Instagram: @paradoxicallygrey]


As it is designed as Japanese typical elementary school, it’s the best place to talk about your childhood memories.

Like what kind of kids you were, what was your happy episode, sad episode, favorite subject, place to go, what was childhood’s hobby, what was your dream, and it should be lot more to talk about!

But be careful, when you enter this restaurant, you’ll take off your shoes, so don’t wear socks with a hole, or smelly socks. If you can admit you have smelly foot, you should at least take spare socks to change before entering this restaurant.

6-4 Shibuya Dating dinner[Instagram: @akihichi47]


As well as the atmosphere, you’ll find a lot of foods that makes Japanese people nostalgic.

One of the most popular food in here is “AGEPAN”, which is fried bread.
You have 3 flavors, sugar, kinako, cocoa flavors of “AGEPAN”, and it’s only 280yen each, so it’s the thing that you should try !

Also, typical but one of the most popular food for kids in Japan, “Curry Rice” is recommended as well.


Details of 「 Shibuya Rokunen Yonkumi 」

6年4組 メニュー menu Dating Spot[Instagram: @f.yuuka_32]


Opening Hours:
everyday 5pm ~ 11:30pm  (Last order 11pm)

4,000yen (36USD)

7min walk from Shibuya Station