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Conveyer-Belt Sweets?? New experience Date at Harajuku 『 Cafe Ron Ron 』

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Conveyer-Belt Sweets?? New experience Date at Harajuku 「 Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron 」

I think most of the people who are interested in Japan knows what conveyer-belt Sushi is.

Same thing that you have imagined in your brain, sushi is placed on the conveyer-belt and goes around by passing every tables in the store.

Yes, it’s quite common. But have you heard any store where sweets goes around instead of Sushis?

In here at 「 Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron 」, you can enjoy conveyer-belt sweets with bunch of cute dishes.

beltconveyer sweets at harajuku Ron Ron[Instagram: @rena_ago]

You see, there are a lot of cute sweets going around in the store. Isn’t it exciting??


Dating Tips at 「 Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron  」

Maison Cafe ron ron Harajuku tickets[Instagram: @yoko_tokyoiventlife]

Tickets and Drinks

You have to buy some tickets before you take the seat.

It’ll cost you 1,800yen per person for 40min eating including one drink.

Well, you might think that 40min is quite short to eat enough, but actually 40min of eating sweets is way longer than you think. So, 1,800yen for 40min should be enough if you are not food fighter 😜

Also, the drinks that you can get here is quite cute, and has various tastes to choose.

Maison Cafe Date Ron Ron drinks[Instagram: @yoko_tokyoiventlife]

Customers are young…

Because this store is located in Harajuku, Mecca of teenagers, so the customers around might be young girls, like around 20, or less.

So, if you are coming here with a lady, not a girl, it might be better to choose another restaurant to enjoy sweet things. Because, you might make her feel old, and some ladies would be depresses by feeling oldness. Especially, Japanese ladies are sensitive to their age.

But, if you don’t care, and she doesn’t care neither, you can just come to experience new belt-conveyer style sweets.


Details of 「 Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron  」

Ron Ron Cafe Sweets desserts harajuku girls[Instagram: @i_am_tzkm]

Opening Hours:

everyday 11am ~ 7pm


1,800yen (16USD)


1min walk from Meiji-Jingu-Mae(Harajuku) Station

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