Bona Fide South Italian Pizza Date at Ebisu 『Partenope』

Pizza Furnace at Ebisu Partenope Tokyo Dating[Instagram: @takahirotakinami]

Bona Fide South Italian Pizza Date at Ebisu 「Partenope」


Have you ever tried authentic pizza at Tokyo?

Not like pizza hut or domino pizza, of course they are good too, but real pizza tastes like a different thing if you compare with those.

「Partenope」in Ebisu is one of the few pizza restaurants in Tokyo that are approved by special association called “VERA PIZZA Napoletana” from Napoli, Italy.

Yes, this restaurant is approved by world-wide organization !

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ebisu「Partenope」

Partenope Ebisu authentic furnace Tokyo Dating[Instagram: @partenope_official]

Real pizza furnace


It’s reasonable to have an authentic pizza furnace to provide world-wide organization approved authentic pizza.

The inside of that furnace has more than 400 degrees, and that allow them to make the pizza crispy outside but at the same time, have moisture inside.

Once you try this authentic approved pizza, you cannot go to other ordinary unapproved pizza restaurant.


partenope ebisu tokyo date pizza half[Instagram: @tigercatpawpaw]

Half & half is available


But which flavor should I choose??

Yes, fair number of people are very indecisive and they can’t decide which one to pick. However, strangely, even though they can’t pick one out of two, they can easily filter it and pick two out of many.

So, in that way, half & half pizza is the thing you should order!

Details of Ebisu「Partenope」

Partenope Pizza date Ebisu Tokyo[Instagram: @pupupurin1203]


Opening Hours:

Lunch 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Dinner 6pm ~ 10:30pm
Lunch 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm ~ 10pm


Lunch 1,500yen (13USD)
Dinner 5,000yen (45USD)




5min walk from Ebisu Station

Google Map

Beside, Ebisu, there are 2 more branch in Shinagawa and Hiro. So if you are looking for pizza restaurant at those places, you can also check out from the link below.



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