Latin American Churrasco Restaurant Date at『 ALEGRIA shinjuku 』

ALEGRIA shinjuku churrasco date[Instagram: @alegria_shinjuku_]

Brazilian Churrasco Restaurant Date at「 ALEGRIA shinjuku 」

Do you know what Churrasco is?

It’s a cuisine originally from Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. You will find some chefs holding grilled meats stabbed by skewers, and they’ll come to your seat to scrap off the surface of meats.

Even if you are not that familiar with it, Japanese people quite like those Churrasco, but not all the people have tried. So, it might be nice to take her out to let her try those in 「 ALEGRIA shinjuku 」, where you can find more than 20 different types of Churrascos.


Dating Tips at 「 ALEGRIA shinjuku 」

ALEGRIA shinjuku dating spot[Instagram: @alegria_shinjuku_]

All-you-can-eat Restaurant

Here at 「 ALEGRIA shinjuku 」, you can eat as much as you want in 2 hours.


  • 2H AREGRIA Lunch 2,800yen
  • 2H AREGRIA Lunch with free alcohols  4,600yen


  • 2H AREGRIA churrasco Dinner 4,000yen
  • 2H AREGRIA churrasco Full Dinner with side dishes 5,000yen
  • Standard free alcohols plan  +1,800yen
  • Premium free alcohols plan +2,500yen


alegria shinjuku date meat[Instagram: @alegria_shinjuku_]

Churrasco meets Wines

If you can drink alcohols, we recommend you to take free alcohols plan.

In standard alcohols plan, you can drink various types of wines as well as some cocktails.
When you drink wine with those churrasco meats, it’ll blow your mind!

If you are true wine lover, it might be a good idea to upgrade free alcohols plan to premium free drink plan, because simply they provide better alcohols, but otherwise standard free drink plan should be enough.


churrasco shinjuku meat[Instagram: @kiteletzgogo]

Take the reservation

Are you interested to come to 「ALEGRIA shinjuku」?

Then you should definitely take a reservation. When you come with a girl and if the seats aren’t available, that would be a big damage to your image. (wow, what a word play)

TEL: 03-6274-8929


Details of 「 ALEGRIA shinjuku 」

ALEGRIA shinjuku churrasco outside yoyogi[Instagram: @alegria_shinjuku_]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
12am ~ 2:30pm
5pm ~ 11pm
12am ~ 3pm
5pm ~ 11pm


Lunch 3,000yen (26USD)
Dinner 6,000yen (54USD)




Facebook 「ALEGRIA shinjuku」
Official Website 「ALEGRIA shinjuku」
Instagram 「ALEGRIA shinjuku」


8min walk from Shinjuku Station
4min walk from Yoyogi Station

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