Brown Rice Specialized Gluten Free Restaurant in Shibuya『 GENMAI GENKIDO 』

Brown rice speciality restaurant Tokyo shibuya[Instagram: @genmai_genkido]

Brown Rice Specialized Gluten Free Restaurant in Shibuya『 GENMAI GENKIDO 』

Did you know that brown rice is super healthy than the ordinary white rice ?

In Japan its considered as super food. It has 10 times of Vitamin B6 and 8 times of Vitamin B1 compared to white rice. And also has 5 times more dietary fiber.

Yes brown rice makes you healthier!

In here at Shibuya Restaurant GENMAI GENKIDO , you can also have pancakes, pastas and breads which are all made by brown rice, gluten free.


Dating Tips at Shibuya 「GENMAI GENKIDO」

Genmai Genkido Shibuya foods Brown rice[Instagram: @genmai_genkido]

What are the menus??

Basically what you have is below


  • Pasta
  • Risotto
  • Pancake


  • Appetizer
  • Pasta
  • Risotto
  • Main dishes (chicken, pork, etc)
  • Dessert

Those are the basic menus that you can enjoy, but those menu’s details change from day to day. But all of them is made out of brown rice so, gluten free and healthy! (ask if you have allergy to glutens just in case.)


Brown Rice Pasta from Genmai Genkido[Source: TOKYO DAY OUT]

Brown rice gluten free pasta ?

This is not only the place where you can enjoy brown rice dishes but you can also enjoy various food beyond brown rice.

Brown rice gluten free pasta is one of them. Usually, gluten free pasta is not really delicious and when you want to eat ordinary pasta it contains gluten, but in here, its completely made of brown rice, so its healthy and more importantly delicious.


Details of Shibuya 「Gluten Free Restaurant GENMAI GENKIDO」

Gluten free brown rice restaurant at shibuya tokyo[Instagram: @genmai_genkido]

Opening Hours:


[Tue ~ Fri]
11:30am ~ 3pm
6pm ~ 11pm

11:30am ~ 11pm

11:30am ~ 10pm


Lunch 2,000yen (17USD)
Dinner 6,000yen (53USD)

Official Website:

「GENMAI GENKIDO」Official Website


8min walk from Shibuya Station
5min walk from Shinsen Station

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