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Casual Italian Date with a Shibuya Night View『SESTO SENSO H』

SESTO SENSO H Dating in Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Casual Italian Date with a Shibuya Night View「SESTO SENSO H」


Shibuya, one of the most crowded city in Tokyo, is known as the city of youth.

But it doesn’t mean the restaurants, stores, all the things that consists Shibuya is for youth.

In here at 「SESTO SENSO H」, you’ll find a luxurious night view of Shibuya with qualified dishes.

Hide Yamamoto who is the main chef here, has global experiences and have managed a diner party for Presidents like Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Hillary Clinton.

Dating Tips at Tokyo Shibuya 「SESTO SENSO H」

SESTO SENSO H Dating Dinner[Source: Tabelog]

What are the popular dishes?


Hearth-baked foods are the leading popular dishes in this restaurant.

You have hearth-baked meat like chicken, spare rib, and pizza. They have some pictures in the menu, so you’ll know exactly what it looks like but we recommend not to go pastas, you should go for hearth-baked ones.


cream brûlée Tokyo Shibuya H Hikarie[Instagram: @kokishinnokatamari]

Best for cafe time?

From 2:30pm to 5pm, they are offering cafe menus, and the most popular menu is 「Cream Brulee (980yen)」.

When you order this Cream Brulee, one of the chef will come to you and burn the surface of it, in front of you. That’s so dynamic and makes your date exceptional.

If you want with drink you can have Cream Brulee set menu for 1,280yen, so that’s also recommended as well.


Hikarie Dating Tokyo SESTO SENSO H[Instagram: @mi__0707__ho]

Shibuya Hikarie

This restaurant 「SESTO SENSO H」is located in 6th floor of Shibuya Hikarie shopping mall, so going around before or after coming here is also recommended.

At Shibuya Hikarie, you can find more than 200 shops inside from 3rd basement floor to 5th floor, and in the 11th floor, there are sky lobby where you can see whole Shibuya, so when visiting here you should definitely bring your girl to 11th floor.

Details of Shibuya 「SESTO SENSO H」

SESTO SENSO H Dating Shibuya outside[Instagram: @m_crbgrm]


Opening Hours:

Lunch 11am ~ 2:30pm
Cafe time 2:30pm ~ 5pm
Dinner 5pm ~ 11pm (L.O. 10pm)


Lunch  2,000yen (18USD)
Cafe  1,500yen (13USD)
Dinner 4,000yen (36USD)


「SESTO SENSO H」Official Website




3min walk from Shibuya Station

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