Cheese Fondue and Drown in a Sweet Honey Dishes at Shibuya【BEE HOUSE】

BEE HOUSE shibuya cheese fondue[Source: tabelog]


Just a minute walk from Shibuya Station, you’ll find a honey specialized restaurant called 「Shibuya BEE HOUSE」.

The interiors are designed like a restaurant in forest, and has a concept of “Honey and Italian”.

Every seats has own pot of different honeys inside that you can drip it as much as you want.

The best destination in Tokyo for honey lovers !

Tokyo Dating Tips at Shibuya「BEE HOUSE」

BEE HOUSE shibuya pizza honey[Source: Tabelog]

“Honey and Italian” dishes


It might seem strange by adding honey to Italian main dishes, but their honey and Italian based dishes are strangely good.

One of the most popular menu in here is 「Honey Gorgonzola cheese pizza 1,080yen」which has full of Gorgonzola cheese on top of pizza and the good thing is that you can add as much honey as you want from honey pots you have in each table.

Also, some dessert dishes like 「Honey Creme Brûlée 580yen」is recommended.


BEE HOUSE cheese fondue shibuya[Source: Tabelog]

Cheese fondue


Cheese fondue (780yen, minimum from 2 people) is something that you can enjoy as a dating destination.

They have various appetizers to dip in like olives, smoke salmon, or Prosciutto.

Course menus include cheese fondue starts from 2,500yen so if you want to enjoy cheese fondue as well as their honey Italian dishes, it might be cheaper to order one of their course menus.


BEE HOUSE Honey table Shibuya[Source: Tabelog]

Honey pots on your table !


The best part in this restaurant is that you can drip as much honey as you want from honey pots on your table.

They have 4 types of honeys on each table.

  • Simple Honey without any flavors
  • Framboise flavored honey
  • Spicy honey
  • Balsamic honey



BEE HOUSE Shibuya outside tokyo dating[Source: Tabelog]


Shop Name Shibuya HONEY BEE
Opening Hours Lunch 11:30am ~ 3pm
Dinner 5pm ~ 11:30pm
TEL 03-6631-0653
Budget Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 3,500yen (32USD)
Location 1min walk from Shibuya station
Google Map
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