Cheese Lover’s Date at Ebisu『 Cheese Tavern CASCINA 』

Cheese Dinner Date at Ebisu Cheese Tavern CASCINA[Instagram: @852dream.he]

Cheese Lover’s Date at Ebisu『 Cheese Tavern CASCINA 』

Cheese, cheese, CHEESE !!

Cheese has the power to make people happy. In other words, if you have cheese in your date, you can make your partner happy !

Cheese Tavern CASCINA 」in Ebisu, is cheese specialized restaurant and has a lot of dynamic menus.

French style cuisine “Raclette” and Italian pasta “Carbonara” is their most popular menu among many, and those will definitely surprise you guys.


Dating Tips at Ebisu「 Cheese Tavern CASCINA 」

French Raclette, huge cheese experience

The cuisine “Raclette” is originally from France.

Here, they mainly offer 3 types of Raclette…

  • Melted Raclette Cheese with Boiled Vegetables  (1,900yen)
  • Melted Raclette Cheese With Bacon and Sausage  (2,400yen)
  • “Wagyu” Beef Hamburg with Raclette Cheese  (2,200yen)

How do they do it??

They have huge rounded cheese and after making the surface melted, the chef comes to your seat and scrape off the melted part to your dish.

raclette Ebisu Cheese Tavern CASCINA[Instagram: @rieir555]

You have fresh melted cheese on your plate.
It doesn’t have much volume but the taste is just spectacular!

Tokyo Raclette French Ebisu Cheese Tavern CASCINA[Instagram: @iwashi888]


Dynamic Carbonara at your seat

Italian pasta ” Carbonara” is also recommended!

  • Carbonara Pasta with Bacon and Truffle (2,900yen)

If you order this “Carbonara”, chef will bring whole cheese to your seat and they’ll literally burn it.  Seriously? just in front of you?? Yes, seriously, right in front of you.

Carbonara Ebisu Cheese Tavern CASCINA[Instagram: @kazuna__u_u__zz]

And then after they succeeded to make the surface melted, they’ll throw in the pasta, and mix it.

CASCINA Cheese Tavern Ebisu Carbonara[Instagram: @hiroe_k_]

Finally, you’ll have black pepper, black truffle, and raw egg on the top.

Isn’t that look delicious??

CASCINA Tavern Cheese Ebisu Carbonara truffle[Instagram: @mika.yamauchi]

Also don’t forget to order some wine.
They have variety of collections of wine, and wine and cheese matches very well, as all the French people knows 😜

If you are a cheese lover, you just cannot resist to come here.
Or even if you are not, don’t you think it’s still attractive for dating use?

Details of Ebisu 「 Cheese Tavern CASCINA 」

cheese Tavern CASCINA Ebisu Date outside[Instagram: @foodtriphoppy]

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11:30am ~ 3pm (L.O. 2pm)
Dinner 5:30pm ~ 11pm (L.O. 10pm)

TEL: 03-6412-7905

Budget: 5,000yen

3min from Ebisu Station

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