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Classy Restaurant & Cafe used in Japanese Dramas at Ginza『 Mitasu Cafe 』

MITASU CAFE GINZA DATE[Source: Mitasu Cafe Official Website]

Classy Cafe used in Japanese Dramas 「 Ginza Mitasu Cafe 」for Lunch, Dinner, Cafe use


Mitasu Cafe 」is located in Ginza, one of the most high-end city in Tokyo with lots of luxurious brand stores.

In here, you’ll find healthy, classy food as well as chic atmosphere, so that’s why it is used in a lot of Japanese Dramas like Saki, Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo and more.

If you can afford a bit more than average price and planning to have a Ginza Date with independent women, this might be a good place to go !!

It is suitable for lunch, tea time, and dinner. Basically, anytime.


Dating Tips at 「 Ginza Mitasu Cafe 」

MITASU CAFE DATE Chinese tea[Instagram: @hirobuta_chan]

Photogenic tea “Shin Shin Shan In”

If you come here at tea time and try to have a rest while you are having date, you should definitely try the tea called “心心相印(Shin Shin Shan In)” .

It’s basically a Jasmine tea but inside you can find a flower called “千日紅(Globe amaranthus)” .

You can find a flower inside the tea, how romantic is it??


Ginza Mitasu Cafe curry lunch[Instagram: @f_chiho_h]

Recommendation menus for  Lunch Date

「 Mitasu Cafe Ginza 」 is also good for lunch.

The most popular menu would be “Vegetable Special Curry (1,550 yen)” .

Also, there is a “daily lunch” that changes day to day, which is also recommended (1,150 yen).


Dinner at Ginza Mitasu Cafe[Source: Mitasu Cafe Official Website]

What’s there for Dinner ?

Coming here at dinner time is also a possible choice.

But I don’t recommend you to order one by one, instead it’s better to order a package course menu.

You have 3 choices of courses available (as of July 2018)

  • Mitasu Casual Course  (3,980 yen) 【2h all-you-can-drink】
  • Mitasu Party Course (5,800 yen) 【3h all-you-can-drink】
  • Mitasu Itamae Special Party Course (5,400 yen) 【2.5h all-you-can-drink】


Details of 「 Ginza Mitasu Cafe 」

MITASU CAFE GINZA DATE OUTSIDE[Source: Matasu Cafe Official Website]


Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11am ~ 11pm
Sat  9am ~ 11pm
Sun・Public holiday  9am ~ 6pm

Lunch 1,500 yen (13USD)
Dinner 4,000 yen  (36USD)

4min walk from Ginza Station
2min walk from Higashi Ginza Station
7min walk from Yurakucho Station