Classy Date in Old Jazz Live Bar :『VAGABOND』in Shinjuku

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Classy Date in Old Jazz Live Bar :『VAGABOND』in Shinjuku

VAGABOND is a classy calm jazz live bar where it started in 1976, and it was once introduced in The New York Times.

In here you’ll find classy JAZZ LIVE MUSIC wondering around the bar.
“Live” literally mean someone actually playing piano and singing jazz songs!

Also, previous owner was admired by the modern art of Kei Hiraga.
So you’ll also find his paintings inside this store.

His paintings are exhibited at famous museums around the world including “The Museum of Modern Art, New York” and “The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo”.

So as well as Jazz live, you can enjoy modern art in here, VAGABOND.

You will definitely love it !!

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This atmosphere is loved by many people from different generation through 40 years.

If you want to have a night date in Shinjuku, and relaxing with your girl, this might be the best place to go.

Dating Tips in Live Jazz Bar 「VAGABOND」

[Source: VAGABOND Official Website]

If you just want to drink, then ground floor (photo above) is the best place to drink.
It’s more calm than the second floor, and because it’s a bar type seat, you can sit closer side-by-side with your girl !!

[Source: VAGABOND Official Website]

If you want to stay and have some foods beside drinks, then it’s better to have a seat in the upper floor.

If you are ordering foods, NIKUDOFU(meat stew with tofu) and Fish & Chips (using homemade guinness batter) would be the best choices to order!


Details of Jazz Bar 「VAGABOND」

Opening hours:
5pm ~ 11:30pm

7pm ~ 7:30pm
8pm ~ 8:30pm
9pm ~ 9:30pm
10pm ~ 10:30pm

2 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station west exit

I hope you liked this dating spot 「VAGABOND」in Shinjuku.

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