Classy Private Room Bar & Dining at『 GINZA RENZ 』

designers Ginza RENZ Dating spot[Source: gnavi]

Classy Private Room Bar & Dining at「 GINZA RENZ 」


Are you looking for a classy bar & dining at luxurious city in Tokyo, Ginza?

「Ginza RENZ」is a designer’s bar & dining where you can find posh atmosphere with a sofa, some warm light, sympathetic staffs.

If you had a date around Ginza, like some shopping around or visiting sightseeing spot, then it might be a good idea to finish your date with some drink in a premium atmosphere, which you’ve just found the place in this article.


Dating Tips at「 GINZA RENZ 」

Spare Rib Ginza Renz tokyo dating[Source: gnavi]

Good Spare Rib

The most popular menu in here is 「Home made Spare Rib (1,600yen)」.

It’s well prepared by boiling it for a whole day, which makes this spare rib super soft, and tasty.

Also, this restaurant is using organic vegetables, by buying it directly from farmers. So the vegetables that are used in salad menus is as good as spare rib in a different direction.


Bar counter Ginza Dating at Tokyo RENZ[Source: gnavi]

Bar counter date?

This place,「Ginza RENZ」has a good bar counter to have some alcohols.

So if you’ve already eaten some dinner, it’s okay, you can just come and chat a bit in this classy bar counter.

You know when you are in a good mood and have some alcohols, you can talk about deeper things that you don’t really talk, like what was the most difficult moment you had in your life, or what changed you, why you take her out, and more.

It’s a place where you can get to know about her more, and let her know you more.


Details at Tokyo「GINZA RENZ」

RENZ Ginza Private room dating[Source: gnavi]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
7pm ~ 4am
7pm ~ 12pm




4,000yen (36USD)


Official Website 「GINZA RENZ」


5min walk from Ginza Station
3min from Shinbashi Station

Google Map


If There is a Private Party here…

Sometimes they have private party at 「Ginza RENZ」, but don’t worry, Ginza Tokyo has a lot of alternative bar&dining.

Our recommendation is 「Ginza LIME aquarium and dining Bar」, which has super romantic atmosphere.

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