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Come with Empty-handed and Enjoy Golf Driving Range Date at 『 Akihabara Golf Garden 』

AKIBA Active Golf Date in Akihabara[Source: Active AKIBA Official Website]

Come with Empty-handed and Enjoy Golf Date at 「 Akihabara Golf Garden 」

Were you looking for a place to play golf in the crowded city Tokyo??

Usually, if you go to golf round, it’ll cost you quite much.
Especially in Tokyo area, it might be way more expensive than you are imagining.

But here in 「 AKIBA Golf Garden 」, you have a driving range on top of the building where it is connected to Akihabara Station. Super accessible with relatively low price!

And you can come here with empty-hands, because it’s free to borrow some golf clubs and shoes.

So, Place to play golf in Tokyo? Come to AKIBA Golf Garden.


Dating Tips at 「 AKIBA Golf Garden 」

AKIHABARA Golf Garden Dating Spot[Source: Active AKIBA Official Website]

It might be better to have a practice before…

If you are completely new to play golf, it might be better to practice a bit before coming with your girl.

This place also offers some training program too, and trial lesson in here only costs 2,160yen for 80min. What a good price!

Or even if you have some experience before but haven’t played it for a long time, also coming practicing beforehand is effective. Because you look cooler if you can play the golf better 😜


Golf at Akihabara after work[Instagram: @ri_inst]

Playing Golf after work would freshen you up

「AKIBA Golf Garden」is open till 10pm, so if you are working in Tokyo, you can actually come here to play golf after work.

On Fridays, workers might have accumulated a lot of stress through the week. Your girl might not be the exception, so taking time to freshen up in here is a good idea to have a energetic weekend.


Details of 「 AKIBA Golf Garden 」


Opening Hours:
everyday 11am ~ 10pm
(Because it’s in rooftop, rainy day is closed)

TEL: 03-5209-1701

weekdays 11am ~ 4pm  2,570yen/60min
weekdays 4pm ~ 10:25pm 2,060yen/30min
weekends 2,060yen/30min

5th floor at Yodobashi AKIBA building
0min from Akihabara Station

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