Dating at Shellfish Speciality Dining Ikebukuro『Shrimp Bank』

Shrimp bank ikebukuro tokyo dating[Instagram: @anri_69]

Lobster, Shrimp, Oyster etc… Dating at Shellfish Speciality Dining Ikebukuro「Shrimp Bank」


Have you ever tried raw lobster?

Usually, when you eat lobster it’s heat cooked like boiled or grilled. But in here at 「Shrimp Bank」you can try lobster sashimi.

Also, there are tons of good seafood available with some alcohols. When you eat lobsters or oysters, it tend to be pricy but in here, it’s not as pricy as you think.

So have fun with great seafoods and some alcohols!

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro「Shrimp Bank」

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Popular menus


The most popular menu in here is definitely 「Lobster Sashimi (2,580yen)」, as you can see on the featured image of this article.

Once you finished eating Lobster Sashimi, the store will make you miso soup by using that lobster head. It’s just fabulous!

Also, 「Shrimp Rice(1,300yen)」, as you can see in the picture above is recommended.


Lobster Ikebukuro Shrimp Bank Dating[Instagram: @miyuki4278]

What a fresh lobsters


They have a water tank for lobsters, so when you order “Lobster Sashimi” as we mentioned above, chef will pick up one of those, and cook right away.

Thus, it’s a bit cruel but you can try the freshest lobster you’ve ever imagined.

Not only lobsters but they have several water tanks to keep their food fresh.

Details of Tokyo Ikebukuro 「Shrimp Bank」

Shrimp bank Ikebukuro Tokyo Dating sign[Instagram: @amery_27]

Opening Hours:

every Monday
[Tue ~ Thu・Sun・Holidays]
6pm ~ 2am
6pm ~ 5am


5,000yen (45USD)


(Sometimes they have holidays, so better to check if they are open or not)


10min walk from Ikebukuro Station
10min walk from North Ikebukuro Station

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