Dating at Shinjuku Aquarium Dining 『 LIME 』

Shinjuku Aquarium Dining Date LIME[Source: LIME Official Website]

Romantic Date at Shinjuku Aquarium Dining 『 LIME 』


Have you ever dreamed about the collaboration of “Aquarium” and “Dining” ??

Aquarium Dining 「 LIME 」at Shinjuku has actually realized that dream and has created one of the most classy place in whole Tokyo.

In here you’ll see a lot of water tanks embedded in the wall, and due to the slow calm back ground music, the atmosphere is just perfect for your date.

You can just go to have a drink, or to celebrate your girl’s birthday, anniversary would be a perfect idea as well !!


Dating Tips for Shinjuku Aquarium Dining 「 LIME 」

Shinjuku LIME couple seat
[Instagram: @tomoya.perusoneru]

At Shinjuku 「 LIME 」, there are various types of seats, but you can find 20 seats available for couples like the picture above.

Couple seat is of course, as the name suggests, for couples, so you have a sofa for two people, which makes you and your girl close to each other.

As well as the distance for two of you guys, just in front, you’ll see a huge water tank full of tropical fishes.

It is just FABULOUS !! 

So, we would strongly recommend you to book a couple seat if you are willing to go there.

TEL: 03-5919-2248

If you are not confident with Japanese, ask your friends or coworkers to help you.

Also, if you are celebrating anniversary, you should have a special anniversary course menu for around 5000 yen (45USD) per person, and that would include birthday cake too.

But don’t worry, even though if you don’t take course menu, it’s still surprisingly good for unusual date.

drinks at Shinjuku Aquarium Dining LIME[Instagram: @trip_pic_ikecha]


Because the name of this place is “Aquarium Dining”, you might think that this place is only for eating.

But that’s a BIG NO-NO, even if you don’t want to drink, you should order some drink because as you can see in the picture above, drinks are pretty classy, and girls like those special drinks.


Details of「 LIME 」Shinjuku Aquarium Dining

[Instagram: @eim0t]


Opening hours:
weekdays 5:30pm ~ 4am (Last Order 3am)
weekends 5pm ~ 4am (Last Order 3am)
Be careful for the last train time !!

4000 yen (36USD) per person

1min walk from Shinjuku Station