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Dating Surrounded by Nature『 Shinjuku Chuo Park 』

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Dating Surrounded by Nature『 Shinjuku Chuo Park (新宿中央公園)』

After having a date at busy city Shinjuku, how about a refresh time at 「 Shinjuku Chuo Park 」??

When you had a movie date, you can come here to sit at a bench, and talk about the movie.

When you had a dinner date at Shinjuku, a bit drunk but you still don’t want to say goodbye, you can come here to have a little walk.

Shinjuku Chuo Park is available for anytime you want, at any situations.

Dating Tips at Shinjuku Chuo Park

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Shinjuku Chuo Park is a good place to come at all seasons, all situations, all time.

At night, it’s dark and a bit quite, there are not many people, but sometimes strange people, so you can hold her hand and go for a walk for your own sake and for her safety. (If you are familiar enough to hold hands)

At noon, you can buy some sandwiches at a convenience store or get some hamburgers to have a picnic.

If you have some stuff like badminton things you can bring it, or going together with your girl to 100 yen shop and buying some kids toys like soap bubbles might seem childish but would be fun.

If you are willing to come here, you should ask her to avoid high heels beforehand.

ALSO, whenever you come here, go to 「 Tokyo Metropolitan Building Observatory Deck 」, it’s free and super exciting place. (Link HERE)

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Details of 「 Shinjuku Chuo Park 」

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Opening hours:
every day 24 hours

10min walk from Shinjuku Station
1min walk from Tocho Mae Station

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