Dinner Date on the Posh BED Style Seat?? Ebisu『 3×3 Dining Lounge 』

3×3 Dinner Lounge Date Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Dinner Date on the Posh BED Style Seat?? Ebisu「 3×3 Dining Lounge 」


You know we have almost anything in Tokyo.

If you think about an random ideal date plan, we think you can find the right places in Tokyo. We are good at imagining strange things and turn that into cool things.

So in here at Ebisu「3×3 Dining Lounge」, you can actually eat dinner on the bed, in the semi-private room.

How about coming here and have a private chat together with your girl in an exclusive space?


Dating Tips at 「3×3 Dining Lounge」

3×3 Dinner Lounge at Ebisu Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

On the Bed Dating at Tokyo

To be honest, the room isn’t big so it’s the best place to come closer with your girl. You have mattress under and have some pillows on it, so it’s also the place where you can relax together.

HOWEVER, this place has only limited numbers of bed seats, so once you decided to come over, then you should definitely take a reservation.

TEL: 03-5720-3399


3×3 Dining Lunge Ebisu Tokyo Date[Source: Tabelog]

Popular menu Prosciutto

We admit that this place is a bit expensive compared to other places, because their main strength is the place not food.

However, they offer real prosciutto, so when you order one, they will cut immediately (like pic above). The cutting process is not done by their wholesalers, but staff in here, so it makes the taste different.

You can have this as an appetizer or they have some main dishes that uses those prosciuttos.

But, if you come here, course menu around 7,000yen is also preferable.


Details of 「Ebisu 3×3 Dining Lounge」

Tokyo Dating at Ebisu outside 3×3[Source: Tabelog]

This place is a bit difficult to find, there are no sign, no posters, so when you try to come here, it might be better to come beforehand to see where it actually locates.

The door to this store, looks like the pic above.

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
6pm ~ 3am
5pm ~ 3am
5pm ~ 1am


(Reservation required)


7,000yen (63USD)


5min from Ebisu Station

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