Dinner Date surrounded by Jellyfish Water Tank『Ebisu MEDUSA』

Tokyo Dating Ebisu Medusa Jellyfish[Instagram: @ikuma_410]


Just in front of Ebisu station west exit, you’ll find a entrance with water falling and where it says 「MEDUSA」.

Once you’ve enter the door and go down stone stairs, there is a completely separated world where it’s surrounded by water tanks that many jellyfishes floating inside.

It has slow but elegant atmosphere with good alcohols and foods.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ebisu「MEDUSA」

Jellyfish Ebisu Tokyo Restaurant Dating spot[Instagram: @ariariarisa___]

MEDUSA doesn’t provide jellyfish dishes


Of course, they don’t provide jellyfishes as a food in front of jellyfish water tanks. That’s too cruel.

You’ll know the exact feeling when you try Sushi before or after going to the aquarium.

Interesting thing is that they have oysters from different regions. Some of them are from Hokkaido, some are from Ishikawa, and some are from Australia. So, it might be exciting to try different oysters from different regions.

Also, they have Italian based cuisines like pizzas, pastas, and grills.


Tokyo Medusa Date jellyfish dining[Instagram: @ysmmsmt]

Drinking alcohols in front of jellyfish water tank


They have a bar counter in front of jellyfish water tank, so not only dinner but you can also enjoy having some drink to come here.

Their alcohol menus are quite extensive, you have wine, beer, champagne, sparkling wine cocktails, spirits, original cocktails and much more.

The good thing here, is that you can have those alcohols in glass not bottles.


Jellyfish views restaurant Ebisu「MEDUSA」

Medusa Tokyo Dating Ebisu Outside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

4pm ~ 5am


6,000yen (54USD)




0min walk from Ebisu Station

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