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Disney Lover Date at 『 Shibuya Official Disney Store 』

Shibuya Disney Store Dating Spot[Instagram: @chaki.rl]

Disney Lover Date at 『 Shibuya Official Disney Store 』

In the middle of crowded city Shibuya, you’ll find a little castle where you cannot resist to enter,
If your girl is a Disney lover, this is the rightest place to go.

At 「 Shibuya Disney Store 」,  you’ll find official goods like stationeries, teddy bears, accessaries, and more and more.

You know we have Tokyo Disney Resorts at Chiba prefecture, but going there again and again, is not really realistic, unless you have enough time and money.

But in here at Shibuya, it’s not as good as real Tokyo Disney Resorts, you can visit as much as you want, at anytime, to have fun.


Dating Tips at 「 Shibuya Disney Store 」

Shibuya Disney Store UniBEARsity[Instagram: @bambiiiyor]


Do you know 「 UniBEARsity 」??

It’s short stories made by Disney Store Japan, so you can only find it in Japanese Disney Stores.
As you can see in the picture above, it’s a teddy bear and each one has the characteristics of Disney characters.

So in here, at 「 Shibuya Disney Store 」, you’ll find a lot of UniBEARsity teddy bears (UniBEARs) and it’ll be interesting to share each others favorite ones.

If she found a favorite UniBEAR, remember it and that will be the first choice to give her as a birthday gift or anniversary gift!


shibuya Dating Spot Toy Story[Instagram: @mizuiropao]


Also, you can buy Tokyo Disney Resort park tickets at 3rd floor, which means if you are buying Disney Tickets as a gift, you can just come here and pick up one.

So, are you ready for next date at Tokyo Disney Resort ??


Details of 「 Shibuya Official Disney Store 」

Disney Store Date at Shibuya Pinocchio[Instagram: @sky___sa]


Opening Hours:
everyday 10am ~ 9:30pm
(Park ticket counter until 9pm)

5min walk from Shibuya Station