Disney Tangled Rapunzel Cafe Date at Shibuya『 and people Jinnan 』

Tangled Cafe Jinnan Date at Shibuya[Instagram: @mt_fjaaa]

Romantic Disney Tangled Cafe Date at Shibuya『 and people Jinnan (アンドピープル神南)』

The movie「 Tangled (ラプンツェル)」 is one of the famous film among all the Disney Princess films.

The romantic lantern festival in the film has successfully grabbed girl’s hearts and become one of their dream.

Tangled Disney Cafe in Shibuya[Source: Official trailer]

But in Shibuya, Tokyo, you can actually experience a similar atmosphere as Rapunzel did.

A cafe called「 and people Jinnan 」in Shibuya, is not originally designed to imitate Tangled but among young girls it’s called as 「 Rapunzel Cafe 」named after Tangled’s princess.

If Shibuya is a bit far from your place, this restaurant also has branch at Ginza, 「and people Ginza」where you can enjoy projection mapping on the ceiling.

Dating Tips at Rapunzel Cafe「 and people Jinnan 」

Shibuya Jinnan Cafe and Dining Projection mapping[Instagram: @knpoooooh]

Projection mapping service when celebrating anniversary ??

When you come here at dinner time, you have a chance to see projection mapping!

Sometimes, it projects “Khom Loi (Flying Lanterns) Festival” from Thailand, which is the festival that are featured in the Movie Tangled. And sometimes, they projects aquarium water tank, so it really depends.

However, if you reserve anniversary plate “Candle Plate (1,080yen)” or “Decoration Plate (1,900yen)” as you can see in the picture below, you’ll have projection mapping when the waiter brings the plate to your seat. (You should ask them if they can do projection mapping just in case)

So, if you are celebrating you should definitely reserve anniversary plate beforehand, because they only accept 3 customers’ anniversary per day.

TEL: 03-6455-1354

Even if you don’t take anniversary plate it’s better idea to take a reservation, because this place is so popular and almost always crowded.

Jinnan Candle plate Shibuya and people『Candle Plate 1,080yen』 [Source: and people Official Website]
Plate anniversary at Jinnan and people『Decoration plate 1,900yen 』[Source: and people Jinnan Official Website]

So how about food menus??

Tontoro Shibuya and people[Source: and people official website]

Not only atmosphere, but their food are also preferable.

In lunch menus, they provide around 5 choices, like grilled fish or chicken Namban and all of them are less than 1,000yen.

Also, at night you can enjoy menus like the picture above Teriyaki Pork Neck (豚トロ Ton-Toro 750yen) . It’s so tasty but not expensive at all.

If you prefer to drink an alcohol, it might be better to take a course menu with 9 food menus and 2hours of free alcohols, which will cost you 3,700yen per person.

Details of Rapunzel Cafe 「 and people Jinnan 」

And people jinnan dating at Shibuya Tangled Cafe[Instagram: @_____nn63]

Opening Hours:
everyday 12pm ~ 0am

Lunch 1,000yen (9USD)
Dinner 3,000yen (27USD)

TEL: 03-6455-1354
(Reservation preferable)

7min walk from Shibuya Station

Google Map

There are also some other Disney related restaurants in Tokyo…..

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