Ebisu’s Adult Secret Base. Italian Dining Date 『 Anima Libera 』

Italian Anima Libera Ebisu Dinner Date Tokyo[Source: Tabelog]

Ebisu’s Adult Secret Base. Italian Special Dining Date 「 Anima Libera 」

In the middle of Ebisu, you’ll find a secret base only for adults.

Once you enter, the restaurant 「Anima Libera」, there is a stairs that goes down to the basement floor. You cannot see the whole from outside, yes, it’s a hideout.

When you bring your girl here, she must be so proud and can’t resist to show her friends.


Atmosphere is just perfect for dating use, and also Italian foods that they offer is specutacler.

So how about a gorgeous dinner date at Ebisu?


Dating Tips at  Ebisu 「Anima Libera」

Anima Libera Tokyo Ebisu Date[Source: Tabelog]

Reservation required

Even though this place is originally designed like a secret base, it’s unfortunately a secret base not only for you but for many people.

So you have a lot of competitors to take a seat, and that’s why you should definitely book a seat for you two.

Also, there are some seats for couples to use as a dating dinner, so we recommend you to book couple seat if it’s still available.

TEL:  03-6277-1608


Ebisu Dinner Date Anima Libera[Instagram: @animalibera_ebisu]

Gorgeous Italian foods makes your date special.

It’s not only the atmosphere but Italian foods will make you guys happy as well.

Here is our recommendation…

  • Bouillabaisse-based Marseille hot pot (3,980yen from 2 people)
    This is their most popular hot pot. (you can see pic above.) It’s a bit strange because they use the name Marseille, a city in France, while this restaurant is called Italian Dining.
    But they use lobster, fishes, crabs, and shells, so the taste is guaranteed. After finishing the ingredients, you can put rice into it and make a risotto.
  • Lobster’s acqua pazza (2,000yen from 2 people)
    It’s similar to hot pot but uses tomatoes as a sauce. It’s originally from Neapolitan area, Italy, and uses whole lobster. As well as the hot pot above, you can also put the rice to make a risotto.


Both menus are only limited for certain number of customers per day, so it’s also better to reserve beforehand.


Details of  「Anima Libera Ebisu」

Anima Libera Ebisu Dinner Date[Instagram: @animalibera_ebisu]

Opening Hours:
Monday  day off
Tue ~ Thu 6pm ~ 3am
Fri・Sat  6pm ~ 4am
Sun 6pm ~ 2am

TEL:  03-6277-1608

6,000yen (54USD)

Official Website:
「Italian Dining Anima Libera」Official Website

10min walk from Ebisu Station
10min walk from Hiro Station

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