Enjoy MEATS in a Private Room Dinner Date at『Cocona Shibuya』

Cocona Shibuya dating spot[Source: Hitosara]

Enjoy MEATS in a Private Room Dinner Date at「Cocona Shibuya」

Meats !

If you are looking for a casual dating place where you can enjoy meats in a good atmosphere, this place 「Cocona Shibuya」is highly recommended.

This store is just in front of Shibuya Station, no more than 5 min walk, so the location is superb.

It’s not really suitable for anniversary nor first date, because you’ll have more suitable place for those dates, but as a casual date, it’s suitable.

Dating Tips at 「 Cocona Shibuya 」

Shibuya cocona couple seat Date[Source: Cocona]

Reservation necessary to take a couple seat

What’s important in here, is to reserve a couple seat where you can sit with your girl side by side. Or otherwise you have to sit in the main room with more customers.

So take the reservation and get the couple seat. 

Also, this place has a karaoke room, so if you like singing and wants to eat and sing, then you can also book that room as well.

TEL: 03-6632-9647


Cheese Da Culbi Shibuya Cocona Date[Source: Cocona]

Popular menu 「Cheese Dak Galbi」

Have you ever tried 「Cheese Dak Galbi」?

It’s becoming one of the most popular dishes among Japanese girls. If you have some Japanese friend in Instagram, you’ll might see those “Cheese Dak Galbi” in your feed.

It’s that popular, so it might be a good choice to order Cheese Dak Galbi (1,480yen/person), when you come here.


Details of 「 Cocona Shibuya 」

Shibuya Cocona Dating details[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:







4min walk from Shibuya Station

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