Enjoyable Date at Mexican Real Live Music Restaurant『FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA』

Mexican music live restaurant Tokyo Harajuku Omotesando[Source: Tabelog]


Just 10 minutes away from the youth street Takeshita Street at Harajuku, you’ll find classy but social restaurant where the sound of real Latin music flowing smoothly.

Harajuku「FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA」, has surprised a lot of customers with their music, store atmosphere, and most importantly their foods.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Harajuku 「FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA」

FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA Mexican food at Tokyo going out[Instagram: @nobuyukiochiai]

Mexican Foods in Tokyo


Mexican chef will serve you real Mexican cuisines from famous Tacos, Nachos to more minor local dishes.

  • SOPES 800yen
    (Corn tortilla topped with refried beans, lettuce, onion, cheese and salsa sauce)
  • Nachos 900yen
  • QUESADILLAS 1,200yen
    (Deep fried masa stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, spinach served with guacamole)
  •  Camarones al tequila 2,300yen
    (Shrimp with tequila cream sauce)

LECHE FRITA CON TEQUILA (700yen) is a Mexican dessert that has burned tequila on fried custard cream. It sounds strange but the taste is fabulous.


going out for a date at FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA[Instagram: @hoso_ken]

Real Latin Live Song at Tokyo


The main attraction here, is the “real Latin live song” sang by Mexican local artist 「Mariachi」.

Latin song with Mexican food matches very well, so even if you are not good at talking with a girl, you can still enjoy with their great music.


FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA inside Mexico[Source: Tabelog]

Great atmosphere like you’ve been to Mexico


Also, great atmosphere would make your date worthy.

This restaurant is located at underground and surrounded by old walls with warm light bulbs. It makes you feel like you’ve came to different country.

Details of Tokyo Harajuku 「FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA」

FONDA DE LA MADRUGADA Harajuku Mexican Live Music[Instagram: @acuheals]

Opening Hours:

11:30am ~ 3:30pm

Mon ~ Thu・Sun
5:30pm ~ 2am
5:30 ~ 5am


Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 6,000yen (54USD)




10min walk from Harajuku Station
10min walk from Omotesando Station

Google Map

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