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French Fancy Date at Omotesando『 cafe & dining ZelkovA 』

omotesando zelkova terrace seats[Source: Ozmall]

French Fancy Break at Omotesando「 cafe & dining ZelkovA 」

Are you going for a date at Omotesando and Harajuku area?

There are a lot of places to see and walk around in those areas, so it might be a good idea to know some places where you can take a break and have some coffee.

 In here at cafe ZelkovA」, you can feel the chic atmosphere with delicious sweets.


Dating Tips at 「Cafe ZelkovA」

zelkova omotesando terrace[Source: Zelkova Official Website]

Great terrace seats !

When you came here to take a break, we will strongly recommend you to sit in the terrace seats.

They have great terrace seat just beside the road. It doesnt matter if you are in daytime or at night, it attracts us.

Omotesando is known as the most fashionable city in Japan, so looking pedestrians and discussing about fashion might be interesting.


Zelkova sweets at omotesando cafe[Instagram: @millionsmile0312]

Dynamic sweets?

Strawberry Sangria Sundae (2,037yen)」is quite expensive, but it taste super delicious and dynamic.

It has red wine jelly inside, and has hot berry sauce to pour it on. It seems strange that you put hot sauce on a cold dessert, but it tastes spectacular.


Details of Omotesando Cafe「ZelkovA」

Cafe Zelkova Dining Omotesando inside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

11:30am ~ 10:30pm
11am ~ 10:30pm


Lunch 2,500yen
Dinner 5,000yen


3min walk from Omotesando Station
10min walk from Harajuku Station

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