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Goldfish Scooping Date at 『 Asakusa Kingyo 』

Asakusa Kingyo Dating Golden fish[Instagram: @vmp6xjp6]

Exciting Goldfish Scooping Date at 「 Asakusa Kingyo 」

Have you ever tried goldfish scooping (Kingyo Sukui ) ?

It’s one of the most popular activity when you have summer festivals all around Japan. But, because it’s an activity held only at summer festivals, unfortunately, in general, you can only try at summer festivals.

HOWEVER, here at 「 Asakusa Kingyo 」, you can try anytime regardless of seasons.

This place is close to Asakusa’s famous temple “Sensou-Ji”, which is mainly known for huge red lantern hanging at the gate. (pic below)

Sensouji Asakusa Date Kingyo[Instagram: @406g]

So when you come to Senso-Ji temple as a dating, this 「Asakusa Kingyo」would be the best place to visit with.


Dating Tips at「 Asakusa Kingyo 」

Kingyo Date poy asakusa Kingyo Sukui[Instagram: @ek0822]

How do you scoop the goldfish professionally?

When you visit here, and couldn’t scoop any goldfish, that’s so sad and not fun at all.

So this time, we’ll tell you some tips to enhance your performance.

  • “Poi” has different sides

The thing that you scoop is called “Poi” (blue thing in the pic above) and it has up-side and down-side, so first thing that you have to do, is to ask which is the right side.

  • Put the “Poi” into water collectlly.   

You shouldn’t put your “Poi” into water horizontally, nor vertically. You have to put “Poi” diagonally into the water so that it won’t damage your “Poi”.

  • Don’t follow the goldfish, wait till they come

Once you put your “Poi” into the water, you shouldn’t move quickly. So if you follow the fish, your “Poi” will be damaged quickly, and that’s why you have to wait till they come into your zone.

Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain in words, but the point is try not to damage the “Poi”!!

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Asakusa kingyo date golden fish goods[Instagram: @asakusa.kagetsudo]

Goldfish Cuties !

At 「 Asakusa Kingyo 」, you’ll have a lots of cute goods displayed on the wall like accessaries, little wallets, and bells!

So, if you came here don’t just do goldfish scooping but try to go around inside the store.


Details of 「 Asakusa Kingyo 」

Asakusa Kingyo Date outside[Instagram: @nayu_tanaka]

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 4:30pm


300yen for 3 Poi


10min walk from Asakusa Station

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