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Groovy Cat Cafe 『 Shibuya MoCHA 』for Cat Lovers

NEKO CAFE MoCHA Shibuya[Instagram: @wintingbb]

Relaxing Date at Groovy Cat Cafe 「 Shibuya MoCHA 」


If you like cats, sometimes don’t you just realize that you really need to snuggle cats in your arms??

In here at 「 Shibuya MoCHA 」at the very center of Tokyo, you can actually realize that desire.

Or if your girl is depressed, stressed out by this complicated world, then often, animals like cats are better solution than anything else.

They are so innocent, so pure, and most importantly so cute. At Cat Cafe MoCHA, more than 25 cats will give you the most relaxing moment ever!


So are you coming?? ↓

MoCHA cat glay Dating Spot[Instagram: @msk_lapin22]


Dating Tips at 「 Shibuya Cat Cafe MoCHA 」

Cat Cafe MoCHA date lunch[Source: MoCha Official]


At 「 Cat Cafe MoCHA 」you can see cat’s meal time which is held twice a day. All the cats line up in one line and start to eat at the same time.


  • 10:30am
  • 7:30pm

So it might be better to come at this time.

NEKO CAFE MoCHA Cat dessert[Instagram: @eh__037]


Also if you can afford extra 500 yen, you should definitely get cat’s “OYATSU”, which is kind of like a candy for cats.

If you have less people in the cafe like weekdays lunch time, you might not need this OYATSU, but if you have a lot of people inside this cafe like weekends, you might not be able to get full attention.

Then you should get this OYATSU, because as you can see in the picture above, cats in here are so addicted to this.

BUT you can only get this OYATSU at the time from 11am ~ 6pm.


Details of 「 NEKO CAFE MoCHA」

SHIBUYA MoCHA NEKO CAFE[Instagram: @_maodon]

Opening Hours:
everyday 10am ~ 10pm

Time Charge 200yen / 10min  (minimum 30min)
Drink Bar 350yen
Cat’s OYATSU  500yen

1 hour  1500yen

5min from Shibuya Station
8th floor