Hamburger Gratin? Worldwide Menus & Beers at Ikebukuro『Sakura Cafe & Restaurant』

Sakura cafe and restaurant Ikebukuro Tokyo Dating[Source: Tabelog]


At West Ikebukuro, there is a small restaurant that gathered various food and  beers from all around the world. Yes, the whole world is condensed in this small restaurant.

Countless small light bulbs lights up the ceiling and western terrace are making the atmosphere romantic.

In here at Ikebukuro「Sakura Cafe and Restaurant」, is located in the first floor of a guest house where people gathers from more than 130 countries around the world.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Ikebukuro 「Sakura Cafe and Restaurant」

Sakura cafe and restaurant Ikebukuro dating[Source: Tabelog]

Worldwide foods and gigantic gratin hamburger?


「Paricesinha (1,280yen)」is the most popular menu in here and featured by many Japanese TV gourmet programs.

As you can see in the picture above, there is a whole hamburger inside gratin. Can you believe it? What kind of creativity is it?? But the taste is fabulous.

This menu is originally inspired by the Portuguese cuisine “Francesinha” but in some ways they have changed the name to “Paricesinha”. France to Paris.

This is just an example. There are tons of other foods that comes from all around the world.


Worldwide beer Sakura cafe and restaurant Ikebukuro Date spot[Source: Tabelog]

Beer lovers have to come here


They have more than 60 types of beer from all around the world including craft beers and famous brand’s beers.

Foreign food and foreign beer makes you feel like you’ve came to foreign country.

If you really want to enjoy alcohols, you can try 「120min all-you-can-drink course (2,300yen)」.

In this course, you can drink about 20 types of beers from all around the world, as well as other cocktails, wines, and highballs.

Details of Tokyo Ikebukuro 「Sakura Cafe & Restaurant」

Sakura Cafe and Restaurant outside Tokyo Ikebukuro[Instagram:]

Opening Hours:

24 hours all day  (L.O. 10:30pm)


(Weekends might be crowded so make sure to reserve beforehand)


Lunch 1,000yen (9USD)
Dinner 3,000yen (27USD)


6min walk from Ikebukuro Station

Google Map

If you want to try various types of Sake….

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