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Harajuku Organic Okonomiyaki Date at『Sakura Tei』

Sakuratei Harajuku Okonomiyaki Restaurant[Instagram: @sakuratei]


In Omotesando / Harajuku area, there is a modern secret Okonomiyaki restaurant called 「Sakura Tei」 where it is loved by many people regardless of their nationalities.

The restaurant is surrounded by walls where you can find a lot of modern arts written by local artists both inside and outside the store.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Harajuku 「Sakura Tei」

Sakura Tei Harajuku Dating Tokyo[Instagram: @sakuratei]

Popular basic menus


The most popular basic menu is 「Sakura Okonomiyaki (1,400yen)」as the name given from their restaurant’s name.

Their popular basic menus are below…

  • Sakura Okonomiyaki (1,400yen)  pic above
  • Special modern Okonomiyaki (1,400yen)
  • Seafood Okonomiyaki  (1,200yen)
  • Mix Okonomiyaki  (1,050yen)


Sakura Tei Italian Okonomiyaki Harajuku date[Instagram: @sakuratei]

Special Okonomiyaki menus


Their attractiveness here is special Okonomiyaki menus inspired by worldwide cuisines. They also have international staffs from countries like Costa Rica, or Zambia, so the menus are featured by those staffs as well.

Popular menus are below…..

  • Tacos de Mexican Monja (1,450yen)
  • Pork Kimchi Monja (1,200yen)
  • Italian Okonomiyaki (pic above)
  • Zambia style Okonomiyaki (1,500yen)

The menus vary among different seasons, so the menu you find one time may not be found in other times. So be careful.


Sakura Tei Love Okonomiyaki design[Instagram: @sakuratei]

Enjoy Okonomiyaki Date


Going out to Okonomiyaki restaurant as a date is pretty much exciting.

Making Okonomiyaki requires a lot of steps but if your with somebody, those steps become quite exciting when you come with your girlfriend.

Also, they have organic vegetable directly sent from farmers so it’s doesn’t harm your health.


Details of Harajuku Okonomiyaki「Sakura Tei」

Sakura Tei Tokyo Dating Spot Harajuku[Instagram: @kisakasu513]

Opening Hours:

11am ~ 11pm


Lunch 1,500yen (12USD)
Dinner 3,000yen (26USD)




10min walk from Harajuku Station
10min walk from Omotesando Station

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