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Harajuku Pancake Dating 『Egg ‘n Things』

Harajuku Pancake Dating 『Egg ‘n Things』

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Pancake dating spot is here in Harajuku !

Your girl likes to eat sweet things??

Then this 「Egg ‘n Things」at Harajuku is the best place to go!!

Egg ‘n Things has become one of the famous pancake shops in Japan, mostly due to it’s volume of whipped cream.

As you can see the picture above, the volume of whipped cream is spectacular, but the cream itself is not too creamy so it’s not difficult to eat all even if you don’t really like sweet things.

In the weekends, sometimes there are full of girls, couples lining up in front of the store, so definitely, it is one of the best dating spot in Tokyo.  Approved!!

[Source: Egg’n Things official page]

The price of one pancake costs 1,180 yen, which is not that expensive.

You can share with your girl if you are familiar enough to share, or if you are not familiar enough to share, then you can perhaps order salty dish, because after too much sweetness, you’ll need to have salty things.

In the menu, there are some omelets, local Hawaiian plates, or garlic shrimp, so sharing one salty dish, and after finishing it, ordering pancake to share would be a nice idea too.

But don’t forget to order the pancake, that’s the main dish 😎


Details of 「Egg ‘n Things」

Egg ‘n Things at Harajuku  [Source: ヒトサラ]

Pancake is of course one of the biggest attraction of 「Egg ‘n Things」, but also it’s calm atmosphere in the middle of Harajuku is suitable for dating.

Opening Time:
everyday 8am ~ 10:30pm (last order 9:30pm)


Tips for Dating at Egg ‘n Things Harajuku

If the dating day was sunny, it might be nice to eat outside because the terrace of this store is pretty beautiful. (Some Japanese women are very sensitive to sunshine, so you should ask first)

Harajuku area has a lot of places to date, like Meiji Jingu Shrine, Takeshita street, Yoyogi Park, and more and more. So, not only pancake but you should go around a little to make your date more exciting !

Also, this place is close to Omotesando, where you can find a lot of classy dinner places or cafes, and Shibuya, the city of youth (If she is not tired nor not wearing high heels, you can actually ask her to walk to Omotesando or Shibuya. It’s that close).

So, after having pancake date, changing to another place might be also a good idea.

We will continue to post more dating places in those areas, so keep updated!!