Harajuku Resort-style Italian Dining Date at 『BLUE GARDEN』

BLUE GARDEN Harajuku Italian Tokyo Dating[Source: Tabelog]


In Harajuku, there are resort-style Italian restaurant called「BLUE GARDEN」 where it’s surrounded by small little trees.

Most of their seats are sofa style, and has luxurious atmosphere, especially in the terrace seats.

If you are searching for an Italian classy restaurant at Harajuku, this might be the one.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Harajuku 「BLUE GARDEN」

Harajuku Blue Garden ブルーガーデン 原宿[Source: Tabelog]

Tokyo Italian foods dating

Because this is Italian restaurant, they have pizza, home-made raw pasta, and various main and appetizers.

Most popular food menus are below….

  • Tagliolini cream pasta with variety of mushrooms   1,350yen
  • Bagna càuda ~with home made anchovy sauce~   1,100yen
  • Margarita pizza   1,150yen
  • Pork Sparerib ~red wine sauce~ 1,850yen (pic above)


Blue garden salad bar Harajuku go out[Instagram: @blue_garden_harajuku]

Salad bar style lunch


If you come here at lunch time, you can enjoy salad bar, which is preferable for girls.

All the lunch menu is around 1,000yen and all of them comes with salad bar in default. Best place to have a healthy lunch date here.


Blue garden harajuku drink dating spot[Source: Tabelog]

Don’t miss out their special drinks


Actually, drinks might be the main menu in here. They have 51 food menus, but compared to that, they have 91 drink menus.

And special drinks like sangria or original cocktail are something that you shouldn’t miss.

Details of Harajuku 「BLUE GARDEN」

Italian Blue garden Harajuku dating spot[Instagram: @blue_garden_harajuku]

Opening Hours:

11am ~ 11pm


Lunch 1,000yen (8USD)
Dinner 3,500yen (30USD)




5min walk from Harajuku Station

Google Map

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