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Hawaiian Mexican Mix Restaurant Date at『Aloha Amigo』

Tokyo Dating Aloha Amigo Date[Instagram: @aloha_ayumin]


「Aloha Amigo」 is the restaurant where you can enjoy Mexican and Hawaiian foods. They have stores in both Ikebukuro and Harajuku,

It has classy beach resort atmosphere like Hawaii, which makes you feel like you’ve came to another city.

Tokyo Dating Tips at Tokyo「Aloha Amigo」

Aloha Amigo Tokyo Dating Harajuku Ikebukuro[Instagram: @__instafoody]

Hawaiian foods

Loco Moco 1,090yen」is one of the most popular Hawaiian menu in here, with gravy sauce and sunny-side-up eggs.

Also they have various Hawaiian foods…..

  • Loco Moco 1,090yen
  • North shore garlic shrimp 950yen
  • Dynamite meat ball 690yen
  • Acai bowls  690yen ~
  • Buffalo chicken wings (pic below) 650yen ~
Tokyo friend chicken aloha amigo harajuku ikebukuro[Instagram: @alohaamigo_ikebukuro]


Buffalo chicken wings are also their popular menu. You can either choose Hawaiian BBQ sauce or Cajun spice.

It matches best with beers.


Tokyo Dating Amigo Aloha Ikebukuro Harajuku[Instagram: @corbernis]

Mexican foods


The pic above might surprised you with that volume and variety of vegetables. But it’s not actually Mexican salad, it’s 「Hawaiian Waikiki Local Salad 830yen~」.

But of course there are great Mexican dishes …..

  • Amigo Tacos 420yen
  • Fresh Guacamole 730yen
  • Mexican Pizza 700yen ~
  • Amigo Taco Rice 950yen


Details of Harajuku & Ikebukuro「Aloha Amigo」

Harajuku Aloha Amigo Dating Tokyo[Source: Harajuku 「Aloha Amigo」 Official Website]

Ikebukuro 「Aloha Amigo」

[Mon ~ Fri]
Lunch 11:30am ~ 3pm
Dinner   5pm ~ 11pm
11:30am ~ 11pm
11:30am ~ 10pm

3min walk from Ikebukuro Station

Google Map


Harajuku 「Aloha Amigo」

[Mon ~ Sat]
11:30am ~ 11pm
11:30am ~ 10pm

5min walk from Harajuku Station
10min walk from Omotesando Station

Google Map

Other Mexican food at Harajuku…..

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