Healthy Date with Authentic Organic Vegetables『WE ARE THE FARM EBISU』

WE ARE THE FARM EBISU Tokyo Dating[Source: Tabelog]

Healthy Date with Authentic Organic Vegetables「WE ARE THE FARM EBISU」

Are you looking for a healthy restaurant where you can eat organic, fresh vegetables?

「WE ARE THE FARM EBISU」is exactly what you are looking for.

They have owned farm in Chiba, so all the vegetables here is just harvested in that morning. If you are living in Tokyo for a long time, you might not encounter this fresh vegetables often, and you’ll know how it different when you try it.

Dating Tips at Tokyo 「WE ARE THE FARM EBISU」

We are the farm ebisu hotpot[Instagram: @wearethefarm_ebisu]

Fresh vegetables

Basically, when you order any vegetable menus here, you’ll be impressed by that freshness. But if we pick up the popular ones, below are recommended.

  • Organic Kale Wild Caesar Salad (Full 1,500yen Half 980yen)
  • Whole Oushu Brand Onion grill (780yen)
  • Taro Fries (850yen)

So, almost all the dishes are not that tasted, because the vegetables it selves without a lot of seasonings are the most delicious way to eat vegetables in here. 


WE ARE THE FARM EBISU Tokyo Dating own farm[Instagram: @wearethefarm_ebisu]

Owned farm at Chiba??

The reason why they can provide one of the most fresh vegetables in Tokyo, is that they have own farm in Chiba prefecture just beside Tokyo. 

In general when restaurants by vegetables, they have a lot of intermediaries between farmers and restaurants.

But in here, they’ve eliminated all those intermediaries and succeeded to have the vegetables that are harvested in that morning.

Details of Tokyo 「WE ARE THE FARM EBISU」

WE ARE THE FARM EBISU Tokyo Date inside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

Lunch 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Dinner 5pm ~ 11pm
[except Sundays]
Lunch 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Dinner 5pm ~ 11:30pm


Lunch 1,500yen (13USD)
Dinner 4,500yen (40USD)




5min walk from Ebisu

Google Map

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