Here are the 5 Best Tokyo Ramen Shops for Dating Use

Ramen Date at Tokyo 5 best ramen[Source: PhotoAC]

Here are the 5 Best Tokyo Ramen Shops for Dating Use


「Ramen」as a dating destination, might not be perceived attractive from the women’s point of view, because ramen is commonly perceived as men’s meal.

When we Japanese imagine common ordinary Ramen shop, it only has counter seats and middle-aged stubborn man is making ramen just in front of you.

Ramen middle-aged man serving from the counter seat[Source: aozora.jugem.cc]


However, good news for the Ramen lovers. The trend is changing gradually since those ramen shops started to care about interiors or atmosphere to eliminate the barriers for women.

So here in this article, we have carefully selected 5 best Ramen shops in Tokyo, which are suitable for dating use.



Afuri Ramen dating spot Tokyo yuzu salt [Instagram: @maruko_komame]
Afuri tokyo dating inside[Instagram: @andreabakacs]

「Ramen AFURI」 is founded in Kanagawa prefecture at 2001. Since then AFURI is climb up the radder and became one of the best Ramen shop for both men and women.

Their most popular menu,「Yuzu Salt Ramen (Yuzu Shio Ramen)」is the main reason why they became that famous. The soup extracted by chicken and broth has smooth taste and it matches with Japanese Yuzu.

There are more than 10 branches but main stores in Tokyo are below…



TAKETORA RAMEN Tokyo Shinjuku Dating spot[Instagram: @tcs_kazu2002]

In here at 「TAKETORA」, you can have variety of ramens from heavy taste ones to light taste ones. Also, there are various side dishes and alcohols, it’s a good destination to go as a date.

Most importantly, it has relatively calm atmosphere with private seats, which allow you guys to enjoy your ramen without caring other customers.

There are 3 「TAKETORA」stores in Tokyo …


Ikebukuro 『Hulu-lu』

Hulu-lu Ikebukuro Tokyo Dating Ramen[Source: Tabelog]
HUlu-lu Ikebukuro Tokyo Dating Ramen[Instagram: @ramen_beast]


「Ikebukuro Hulu-lu」is designed like a Hawaiian cafe, just because the owner is fond of Hawaii.  That’s why it’s interiors are stylish and ramen itself has pretty light flavor, so everything in here is women friendly.

「Spam Musubi (200yen)」, rice with Hawaiian famous sausage Spam, is one of their popular menu, so when you come over, ordering both Ramen and Spam Musubi would be recommended.


  • Opening Hours:
    [Mon・Wed ~ Sat]
    11:30am ~ 3pm
    6pm ~ 9pm
    11:30am ~ 3:30pm
    every Tuesday
  • Location:
    5min walk from Ikebukuro Station
    Google Map



Kugatsudo Ramen Dating Tokyo[Instagram: @mocarisu]
Kugatsudo ramen shop dating tokyo harajuku[Instagram: @morishin928]


「KUGATSUDO」in Shibuya provides excellent Ramen without using chemical seasoning, so it’s doesn’t harm your health.

They also have various Japanese style dessert menus at lunch time, and have various side menus from dinner time. The modern classy interiors and atmosphere they have is suitable for dating use.

  • Opening Hours:
    [Tue ~ Sat]
    11am ~ 10pm
    11am ~ 9pm
    [Day off]
    every Monday
  • Location:
    10min walk from Shibuya Station
    Google Map


Ginza 『Mugi and Olive』

Mugi And Olive Ginza Ramen Date Tokyo[Instagram: @kazuuuu18]
Mugi and Olive inside Tokyo Dating Ginza[Source: Tabelog]


「Mugi and Olive」is the Ramen shop that has the best rating 3.63/5 stars among all the ramen shops in Ginza, according to a Japanese gigantic rating website called Tabelog.

The most popular menu in here is 「Hamaguri SOBA (Clam SOBA) 980yen」. The soup is based on clam, and has some taste of chicken as well.

This store is featured in “the Michelin Guide” as a Ramen shop, so the taste is guaranteed.


  • Opening Hours:
    11:30am ~ 10pm
    11:30am ~ 9pm
    [Day off]
    every Sunday
  • Location:
    6min walk from Ginza Station
    2min walk from Higashi Ginza Station
    Google Map

Are you ready to go out to one of those destinations ?


Wow, there a lot of Ramen shops that are available for dating. We hope this post will help you to find a dating destination.

But even though Ramen shops are becoming open to women customers, some women still don’t feel comfortable to go to Ramen shop as a dating.

So it might be better to ask her if she like Ramen or not.


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