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How about actual Fishing Experience Dinner at 『 Shinjuku Zauo Fishing Restaurant 』

zauo Shinjuku Fishing Restaurant[Instagram: @maho6s]


How about a Fishing Experience Dinner at 「 Zauo Fishing Restaurant Shinjuku 」??


As you can see at the picture above, there is a ship, there is water inside the building.

Shinjuku Zauo Fishing Restaurant 」is not an usual restaurant that you can find in Tokyo, it’s specialized in fishing, so you can actually catch the fish, and eat.

Wow, how cruel is that !

But the fishes are super fresh and you can’t experience this other than here.


English Promotion Video of 「 Shinjuku Fishing Restaurant Zauo 」

Below is the English promotion video of this restaurant.
It’s quite difficult to explain by words, so we’ll just let you to see this video.

(duration: 1min 20sec)

So? how was the video?

You can’t wait to come with your girl??


Dating Tips at 「 Shinjuku Fishing Restaurant Zauo 」

zauo fish plate shinjuku date[Instagram: @yoshikawachika1116]


When you succeeded to catch a fish, you can either choose from 4 ways to cook.

  • grill
  • fry
  • make it to Sashimi
  • make it to Sushi

Also, it’s possible to do half and half !

Just don’t be afraid to fishes, it won’t hurt you, but hurt your image.

Even if your super afraid of touching fishes, don’t let her know, and pretend to be you are completely fine with it 😜

And, it would be nice if you bring a handkerchief, because your hands will be wet.

Shinjuku dating metropolitan[Instagram: @akrknmnm]

Just beside the restaurant, you’ll have 「 Tokyo Metropolitan Building Observatory Deck 」, where you can enjoy great view for free. (LINK)

Also just beside, you have 「 Shinjuku Chuo Park 」where it is the best place to have a walk at night. (LINK)

So, after having a dinner at Fishing Restaurant Zauo, we’ll recommend you guys to take time to go to those 2 places.


Details of 「 Shinjuku Fishing Restaurant Zauo 」

Shinjuku zauo fishing date inside[Instagram: @yuko.m.minnie]


Opening Hours:
everyday Lunch  11:30am ~ 2:30pm
(※you cannot fish on weekday’s lunch if you don’t order course lunch)
weekday dinner 5pm ~ 11pm
weekends dinner 4pm ~ 11pm

(This restaurant is super popular so prefer you to make a reservation)

Lunch  1,500 yen (13USD)
Dinner 5,000 yen (45USD)

10min walk from Shinjuku Station