Japanese Traditional Kyoto Cuisine at Premium Dining Bar 『Ubcra Ebisu』

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Japanese Traditional Kyoto Cuisine at Premium Dining Bar 「Ubcra Ebisu」


Kyoto was leading Japan few hundred years ago, and was known as the ancient capital of Japan.

So, we can say that Kyoto has more original traditions rather than Tokyo, the modern capital of Japan. Those features are shown in buildings, temples, and also cuisines.

Kyoto cuisine is closer to original Japanese traditional cuisine which had less saltiness, and uses much more Japanese ingredients like miso.

In here at 「Ebisu Ubcra」, you can find those Kyoto style cuisines in a posh atmosphere.


Dating Tips at Ebisu「 Ubcra 」

Ubcra Tokyo Date Dengaku[Source: Tabelog]

Kyoto-style cuisine in Tokyo

「3 colors Dengaku (Sanshoku Dengaku)302yen」is one of the most popular and well designed menu is here.

As well as Dengaku, there are a lot of vegetables and mushrooms which are grilled over the charcoal. Not many place offers charcoal grilled vegetables in Tokyo. so it might be a good idea to try some of them.

It’s not only those, but most of the dishes are Kyoto style dishes, so it should be interesting to try a bit of all.


ubcra date at Tokyo Bar counter[Source: Tabelog]

Bar date after dinner?

This place 「Ebisu Ubcra」has a classy bar counter as you can see in the picture above.

So, even if you had some dinner at other place, you can still come here to have a drink and some small dishes. By the way, this store is open till 5am in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about the closing time.

The most recommendable alcohols that you can have here is “Sparkling Sake”. 
Usually, Japanese Sake doesn’t have bubbles, but in here you can try sparkling ones. (like pic below)


tuki usagi tokyo dating ebisu[Instagram: @h03279]

This “Sparkling Sake” is called 「Moon Rabbit (Tsuki Usagi)」, and also they have another one called 「Haxtukai san Sparkling Sake(Haxtukai San Sparkling)」.

There are a lot more attractive cocktails, sakes, beers, but those “Sparkling Sake” aren’t available everywhere, so if you are an alcohol lover, you should definitely try it.


Details of 「Ebisu Ubcra」

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Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
5pm ~ 5am
4pm ~ 5am


4,000yen (36USD)




5min walk from Ebisu Station
10min walk from Daikan-yama Station

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