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Jumbo Rainbow Soft Serve Ice Cream 『Daily Chico』Dating in Nakano Broadway

Jumbo Rainbow Soft Serve Ice Cream 『Daily Chico』Dating in Nakano Broadway

[Source: Instagram @pablospulls]

Have you ever seen this Jumbo Rainbow Soft Serve Ice Cream??

How about a date to have a famous soft serve ice cream in Tokyo??
I’m pretty sure that most of the girls like interesting things like this.

It is served by 『Daily Chico』at Basement of Nakano Broadway and becoming one of the most famous place to visit in Tokyo.


Description of this “Huge Ice Cream”

The height of this the Ice Cream is about 40cm long including a cone, and has 8 flavors below(sometimes it changes).

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Calpis
  • Green tea
  • Ramune (Japanese Soda)
  • Hokkaido Melon

Those flavored ice creams are not too creamy, so it shouldn’t be that hard to finish it.

Surprisingly it only takes about 15 seconds to be served. (Wow, so quick😜)
And it only costs 480yen (about 4.5USD), which goes easy on the wallet for students, for workers, for everyone.

But be careful!! This ice cream is pretty unstable, so even if you drop it you cannot get another one, and beside, if you drop on women’s clothes, it wouldn’t become a good memory…

Furthermore, of course it’s because an ice cream, it melts.
So also you have to fight with the time as well as cold taste.

[Source: Instagram @mt920618]

Dating Tips

Because this is photogenic ice cream, you can take a selfie with your girl!! (Yey!!)
I’m saying this again, “Don’t forget to take selfies!!”

But if you are going with a girl who aren’t close enough, you shouldn’t share one ice cream and try to consider buying one each.

Japanese girls are sometimes sensitive to those situations and first you should try to buy one each, and if your girl stops you from buying two, then you can share one ice cream.

Just enjoy your soft serve ice cream date with you girl, have fun!

That’s today’s tips for going for a date in this place 😁


Store Information 『Daily Chico』

-Opening Hours

Opening Hours: Everyday 10am~8pm


Address:  5-52-15 NakanoNakano 164-0001, Tokyo Prefecture 


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