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Kill Time at Variety Store 『 Shibuya LOFT 』

SHIBUYA LOFT DATING SPOT[Instagram: @xiaomibiaojie]


Kill Time until the Next Schedule at Variety Store「 Shibuya LOFT 」


Suppose if you have a Shibuya date, and you guys are going to watch a movie 2 hours later.
But you guys have already eaten lunch, and you don’t know anything about Shibuya, and still have blank 2 hours till the movie.

Then「 Shibuya LOFT 」would be the wisest choice to kill time at.

All the products are well selected, so all the things you’ll see here are well designed, sophisticated,  eye-catchy. Who doesn’t like those things anyway??

Shibuya LOFT has 6 floors, and it is known as one of the biggest LOFT in Japan. So it’s easy to spend an hour or so by just looking around !


Dating Tips at Shibuya LOFT

LOFT Shibuya Dating spot inside[Source: Module X Official Website]

As it says in the title, this store has variety of products, I mean really various product types, from rain coat, to beauty products, accessaries, stationeries, souvenirs, Japanese traditional products, and much more.

You’ll find almost everything in here !!

And the most interesting things are stationeries, and stickers.

As you can see, in the picture above, you’ll have so much stationeries in 「 Shibuya LOFT 」and every stationeries are so classy.

LOFT Dating at Shibuya stationeries[Source: ITMedia]


Also, stickers in Shibuya LOFT are so cute and funny.

All the stickers are water proof and has resistance to UV rays, so you can put the stickers on to your phone, computer, car, almost anywhere.

You’ll see a lot of COOL JAPAN DESIGNS here !

Shibuya LOFT Stickers Dating Spot[Instagram: @thedeanmorris]


Like this.

Fatty man wearing nothing beside socks and showing his body.
Isn’t it weird but a bit cute ??

Shibuya LOFT Dating strange sticker[Instagram: @sanpig]


If you still have time to the next schedule, you can go to 「 MUJI Shibuya 」which you can go directly from inside of 「 Shibuya LOFT 」or there is 「 Disney Store (LINK) 」just nearby to kill more time.


Details of 「 Shibuya LOFT 」

Shibuya LOFT dating spot view[Twitter: @SHIBUYA_LOFT]


Opening Hours: 
everyday 10am ~ 9pm

5min walk from Shibuya Station