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Like a Beach Resort ? Ebisu Italian Date at 『M house』

M house ebisu dating tokyo inside[Source: Tabelog]

Like a Beach Resort ? Ebisu Italian Date at 「M house」


Going to the beach resort and have a relaxing time is one of the ideal holidays to have.

But realizing that is a bit difficult, takes time, and most importantly, if you are working you have to ask your boss to take a holiday, which is not happy at all.

And then, after, you have to book a hotel, flight ticket, train ticket, and then have to research for sightseeing places and etcetera etcetera…

So much things to do, right?

But in here at Ebisu Italian restaurant 「M house」, the beach resort atmosphere will make you feel like you are having date at actual beach resort.


Dating Tips for Tokyo Ebisu「M house」

M house french toast tokyo dating[Instagram: @mainyan1938]

Lunch Date and enjoy French toast

If you come here at lunch time, French toast is something that you have to try.

Anyway, when you order lunch menu, you can chose one main dish like grill of salmon or chicken, or steaks and beside that you’ll have 2 French toasts, so you can taste soft and creamy French toasts together.


couple seat M house Tokyo Ebisu[Source: Tabelog]

Couple course menu if it’s dinner date

If you come here at night to have a dinner, we’ll recommend you to reserve the 「couple course menu (4,500yen)」.

In couple course menu you can have the romantic couple seats where it locate just beside window, in front of little pool outside. (pic above)

In this menu you’ll have some shared dishes below…

  • Sparkling wine
  • 5 types of appetizer
  • Cold dish
  • Pasta or rice plate
  • Main dish

Because this course is a shared plate, so you don’t get the dish each, but it’s more than enough to have it for 2 people.


Details of Ebisu「M house」

M house Tokyo Ebisu Dating outside[Instagram: @ryek7279]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri]
Lunch 11am ~ 3:30pm
Dinner 6pm ~ 11:30pm
Lunch 10am ~ 6pm
Dinner 6pm ~ 11:30pm


Lunch 2,000yen (18USD)
Dinner 5,000yen (45USD)




5min walk from Ebisu Station

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