Modern Mexican Date at Harajuku『 LAS DOS CARAS 』

La Dos Cadas salad lunch date[Instagram: @a.mipoka]

Modern Mexican Date at Harajuku『 LAS DOS CARAS 』

Small Mexican restaurant at Harajuku has a relatively short history but is steadily attracting people and gaining core fans.


The name 「 Las Dos Caras 」, means “2 faces” in Spanish.

As the name suggests, it’s foods are has successfully mixed the taste of modern and traditional Mexican food. Also, they have 2 floors, one with open kitchen modern style, and other has chic bar counter.

If you are going to have a date at Harajuku, you can’t miss this place for both lunch and dinner.


Dating Tips at Mexican Restaurant「 LAS DOS CARAS 」


Actually, there are a lot of menus that we would like to share, but we have made a strict selection and decided to share 2 of the most popular menus.


LA DOS CARAS Mexican food date at Harajuku[Instagram: @masaki1217]
  • TACOS ALL STAR  (1,400 yen)

Tacos is something that you cannot miss when you eat Mexican food.

At 「 Harajuku Las Dos Caras 」, you have several types of Tacos and it’s super difficult to pick one. But TACOS ALL STAR, you can enjoy all the types of Tacos, and sharing this plate with your girl would be enjoyable !

Harajuku Date La Dos Caras Spare rib[Instagram: @masamasamasasan333]


  • MEXICAN PORK RIB (900 yen)

Next recommendation from us is MEXICAN PORK RIB. It is marinated with original spice and the taste is just spontaneous.


La dos caras mexican dinner date at harajuku[Instagram: @rosenstolz92]


「 Las Dos Caras 」is a great choice, for lunch because they offer lunch menu at the price of less than 1,000 yen.

However, when you come here at dinner, the atmosphere is way beyond your expectation.
If you have no idea where to eat dinner at Harajuku, this place might make your girl pleased.


Details of Harajuku「 Las Dos Caras 」

La Dos Cadas Mexican date outside[Instagram: @sinchara]


Opening Hours:
everyday 11:30am ~ midnight (Last order 11pm)

Lunch 1,000 yen (9USD)
Dinner 4,000 yen (36USD)

5min walk from Harajuku Station