Untraditional? Modern Sushi Date at Shibuya 『KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA』

KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA Tokyo Shibuya Dating[Instagram: @fujino_0507]

Untraditional? Modern Sushi Date at Shibuya 「KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA」

You want to go for a date to sushi restaurant?

But going to an ordinary 100yen conveyer-belt sushi shop is too cheap, on the other hand, going to expensive sushi shop isn’t really realistic.

Then you should come here at Tokyo, Shibuya「KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA」.

In here in the middle of Shibuya, you can enjoy untraditional but modern sushi, suitable for lunch or dinner dating.

Dating Tips at Tokyo, Shibuya 「KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA」

Tokyo Shibuya KINKA SUSHI date[Source: Tabelog]

Modern Sushi Menus

The most popular menu here is 「Aburicious 12pc (2,490yen)」as you can see in the picture above.  8pc Aburicious is also available for 1,580yen.

Aburicious (2,490yen) 2pc each

  • blow-torched pressed salmon with aioli sauce
  • blow-torched pressed shrimp with basil sauce
  • blow-torched pressed mackerel with grated radish
  • KINKA special roll
  • blow-torched beef sushi
  • blow-torched conger eel sushi

The name “Aburicious” comes from the word “Aburi”, which represents “Burn” or “Blow-torched” in Japanese and combined with the word “delicious”. As the name suggests, all the surface of sushi included in this plate is blow-torched.


WA cocktail shibuya tokyo dating[Source: Tabelog]

Japanese “WA” style cocktails

One of the main differentiation from other sushi shops is Japanese “WA” style cocktail.

Of course they offer general alcohols like beer, sake, or whisky, but in here you can also enjoy Japanese style cocktails like Yuzu highball, green tea highball, soba tea highball, wasabi green apple fizz and etcetera.

If you like alcohols, those special Japanese style cocktails are somethings that you cannot miss.

Details of Shibuya 「KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA」

KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA Tokyo Shibuya inside[Source: Tabelog]

Opening Hours:

[Mon ~ Fri] 11:30am ~ 4pm
[Sat・Sun・Holidays]11:30am ~ 5pm
[Mon ~ Sat] 5pm ~ 12pm
[Sun・Holidays] 5pm ~ 11pm


[Lunch] 1,500yen (13USD)
[Dinner] 4,000yen (36USD)




8min walk from Shibuya Station

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